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Oversize glass pendants over island renovated kitchen


The initial meeting is to learn about your project, and delve into what you’d like to change, why, and how you want your renovated space(s) to function and feel.

2D & 3D scale renderings of your custom designed space(s) are created for your consideration.  Once any revisions are worked through, your design is ready for use in obtaining Contractor quotes, or sent for permit drawings to be created.  The 2D drawings can be submitted for permits.

Developing the ideas and feel of the design plan with you, respecting lifestyle and function.

Options for all the interior finishes of your project are detailed and thoughtfully curated for your selection.  This ensures flooring, lighting, plumbing, tiles, hardware etc, that are all in harmony with your vision.

Incorporating your own belongings and significant pieces creatively into your design plan.