Vanity, Serendipity, & Anaglypta


Welcome to this very tiny space between the Master Bedroom & the EnSuite bath.

I’m pretty sure that at some point in history this was a regular closet, the ‘his’ side, because it’s opposite the door to the walk in closet.  Some previous owner probably removed sliding doors and created a vanity/dressing area space.

This is how it looked PRE-move in:

A little heavy.

I did consider painting the existing built-in unit, but with my intense commitment to both vanity and dressing, I wasn’t sure that a painted finish would hold up.

Oh and plus, I hated it.

Enter the cutest vintage vanity ever:   $70 at a flea market.
Okay, at this point, only slightly adorable:

In it’s first incarnation it was primed, given an all-over spray of soft dove gray, with chromed up hardware.  Pretty, but not smashing.  Kinda Meh, right?.

So, here’s where I let my friend Serendipity take over.
Using Tremclad ‘Anodized Bronze’ spray paint, and absolutely no definite plan, I sprayed.

While we’re here, let’s discuss spray painting safety, shall we?
My very worried mom “your-lungs-are-going-to-melt-and-don’t-you-have-enough-allergy-issues” bought one of these fancy spray paint masks for me so that I could practice safe spraying.
I’m lucky.

Don’t get fooled by the fun of spray paint, it’s toxic.


I love this ‘action shot’….mostly because my hair is so pretty and I’m not wearing any makeup…though the mask covers most of my face,  so score one for the mask.
For the record, NOT drunk there. 

And in case your next question is “Tracy, how versatile is this mask?” (because mine was), AND because after all, this post is about vanity  – the answer is very – a compliment to any outfit.


So back to me & Serendipity & the Vanity – really just a light misting is actually what I did. And it was perfect.  The effect was kinda filmy and layered, almost like a vintage metal patina. 










Now – how to make this tiny space feel special and separate, but still connected to the bedroom….I knew I wanted the walls to remain white (shocker), and that cheap would be ideal – so “Anaglypta” or paintable wallpaper it was (about $20/double roll).

Hanging wallpaper isn’t particularly hard. Or fun, actually.  A tiny space with 3 doorways (ensuite, closet, & entry) made it especially un-fun and very finicky.

But here’s what I learned:

Anaglypta, or fake-anaglypta-known-as-“paintable-wallpaper” is like a friend who says “Darling, I know what a hot mess you’ve made in certain places; but don’t fret My Petal, no one will notice a thing” and like magic, you don’t.
Maybe your experience with anaglypta-paintable- wallpaper didn’t go down quite like that, but that’s how mine spoke, all gracious and forgiving, with an English accent.
I could’ve just been lucky.

Once it’s painted, somehow, it’s flawless.  And beautiful:

It’s quite difficult to get a good shot showing all the wallpaper pattern, and pictures with the light(s) off in here aren’t possible

Some favorite quotes framed in shadowboxes (btw, spray painted Ikea RIBBA frames) make it personal.  My thrift store chandelier, new faceted glass on the wall sconces & the newly covered stool complete the space.

A gauzy white curtain draped at the doorway is held back with a vintage glass knob and adds a bit of a  ‘come-hither-it’s-special-in-here’ vibe:












I SO love it; it’s elegant & pretty, perfectly transitioned from the bedroom.
A beautiful, functional space with lots of charm, lots of storage & a ton of pretty:

So, if you have the chance to make friends with Serendipity or Anaglypta, do it – they’re awesome.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Dawn Clarke says:

    Don’t let anyone tell you any different….you’re rockin’ the mask look, girlfriend….and PS, absolutely love the vanity – great job as usual!

  2. Hello Petal….only you darling to do something so neat and what can I say elegant!!!!
    By the way…..did you have anything on below the waist in that designer basque?
    Keep doing what you are doing…Buckingham Palace will be the next stop for you to do the kennels for the Corgi’s..x

  3. Love the dress with the mask!!!! AND the vanity is sooo pretty!

  4. What an elegant little spot you created!
    Mary Alice

  5. Awesome restyle…….thanks for the very entertaining post giggle, giggle.

  6. What a beautiful vanity you created for yourself! And, this has to be NOT a coincidence, tonight when I got home from work my own fake-anaglypta was waiting for me — I’m going to be redoing my family room and I decided that paintable raised pattern wallpaper was just what I needed. So reassuring to know that it it forgiving of mistakes! Visiting from French Country Cottage.

  7. Very charming- love how it came out! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  8. Your vanity turned out beautifully! Thanks for the tips on spray paint safety, too. I made the mistake of doing light spray painting (outdoors, even!) the other day, and my lungs were feeling it for a few hours afterward. Lesson learned! 🙂 Great job with your little niche. 🙂

  9. With everyone putting built-ins IN, who woulda thunk to take one out?!!! Great job on the whole space! Found you thru Addicted2Decorating on facebook.


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