Updates, Thoughts, Kijiji….and some crying


Well, the only thing that’s been going on around here lately is work….that bathroom reno I told you about last week is headed to the finish line, and I’ve been Staging like crazy.
And did you ever read my post on Manly Decorating?  Well, that milkshake is bringing the boys to my yard because I’ve had 2 projects decorating the homes of young single guys ….more on that later.

 We FINALLY got the lights for the bedroom – and these are the finishing touch to the whole Completely UnNecessary Makeover.  I’d been hunting for the perfect fixtures for about 2 or 3 months – Remember I wanted a vintage vibe, small glass globe, preferably with faceted glass….I FOUND them on ebay!

Not only that, but I finally actually won an auction.
Fast forward to now, they’ve arrived:

Right – 1 globe, smashed to smithereens. I do not love you, USPS.
So through my sniffling (actually more of a messy, hiccup inducing crying jag), I emailed the ebay seller & told them the situation….honestly, expecting nothing.  The Seller, (in Salem Oregon) responded right away & offered me another set of vintage globe glass that they had up for sale – AT NO CHARGE.  AYFKM.  I am so impressed with their level of customer service, this is me shouting them from the rooftops – Jenny & Nathaniel, you completely rock.


So because it’s been so busy with Client projects & Home Staging the last couple weeks, I’ve had no time to get any ideas….<that’s crazy talk – I get them, I just don’t share them with the Mister>.
But you know, when ever I say to the Mister “so, I have an idea…”, he gets this look:

And I have to be all “Yes, REALLY“.


But this means I’ve had nothing to search for on Kijiji, which leaves me feeling a little…..well, empty inside, really.
So I decided to hunt for you, my Darling-ReaderFriends-thatIadore.  These are all in SW Ontario, but even if that’s not local for you, you can still use the ideas on pieces you find in your area:

I love this Dining Set – 200 bucks for the table, 6 chairs, and buffet with hutch.
Madness I say.  Look at the classic lines of the table, and the finials and detail on the buffet & hutch.  It would be perfect in a matte black, maybe a little distressing here and there.  Those chairs would be super easy to re-upholster, I’m thinking a bold & graphic retro pattern.  With birds.  Then use a co-ordinating plain fabric on the inside backs of the chairs, and paint the inside of the hutch that same color.
Seriously, you’ll love it.


This vanity is almost as cute as mine.
I’m thinking silver leaf the drawers for a glam feel, and if it’s for a more sophisticated space, do a darker finish….or for a bold color pop, a bright coral or raspberry.  Yum.  AND it comes with that little chair.  For $150. Why is this even still available?


This chair is $95 – Seriously a steal.
And as long as you can ‘cess out the environment this is in, feeling comfortable that it’s not a lice infested bedbug ridden flea hotel, then I would not change a thing.
That deep orange velvet & all that tufted goodness….l.o.v.e.i.t.


$20 for ceramic lamps – fantastic (& trendy) bottle shape, on wood pedestals.  Spray paint to the rescue.  Metallic finish perhaps?  Maybe a bright hit of color your room is missing?  Say yes, I’m so right.
Has it ever occurred to you can even spray paint decorative accessories – amazing how high gloss white spray paint can elevate some of the tackiest little tchotchkes.


A 12 light brass chandelier for $50!
Gawd how I wish I had a grand high ceilinged foyer. (not usually, just right now).

Pick-a-color-any-color and spray this straight into fabulousness.


Dining Room.  Living Room. Office. Entry hall.  $125 of Ah-mazing.


Vintage fabric for a buck a yard – put this on the vanity stool above that you went and bought already.


Very cool very retro-70’s chrome lamps – a PAIR.  Maybe a tad spendy at $140, but totally worth it in the right space.


To quote the esteemed Albert Hadley (1921-2012) :
Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money.”
Albert, you are right on the money.


My design plans are always tailored to each client’s abilities/skills (for DIY projects), budget (large or small), and lifestyle.
If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, contact me to help you create the extraordinary.
Fall in love with your home again.


If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. charlene says:

    Hi There,

    I love the chandelier. And the new house has a lovely high ceiling entry way. I am fighting with myself to not buy anything until we get in the house. It is so difficult. But I find joy in reading your musings. They keep me excited and continue to make you my favorite thing. That is impressive considering that I usually have a new favorite thing on a weekly basis.

  2. I love the globe lights, I too would have cried when it arrived broken. ;( I always tell people the four little words my husband hates to hear from me are, “I have an idea”, but he will acknowledge that my ideas always lead to greatness.

  3. Margie Holowaty says:

    I love the globes as well. I purchased a set a few years ago on ebay. They were listed as vintage funeral pendants if i remember right. Even though i think they are great, I have never gotten around to using them. If you are interested in the ones I have, let me know.


  1. […] the new globes aren’t here yet, and if the USPS ever gets them here,  they’ll be hung in the most […]

  2. […] the new globes aren’t here yet, and if the USPS ever gets them here,  they’ll be hung in the most […]

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