I’d like to Thank the Academy….

[facebooksimplelike] I’ve missed you. Client Design projects have me going every direction lately, with all projects “in progress” – meaning no finished rooms to present you, and absolutely no time for DIY’s in this Casa.   But I know our bond is greater than a teeny absence.... Here’s a quick but exciting tidbit from this past week: The … [Read more...]

Mirror, Mirror (or Door) on the Wall

[facebooksimplelike] Look at all these beautiful old doors: Flickr All the carved details, weathered finishes, and architectural elements are amazing:                     You don’t even need to do anything with them – just lean them against the … [Read more...]

Vanity, Serendipity, & Anaglypta

[facebooksimplelike] Welcome to this very tiny space between the Master Bedroom & the EnSuite bath. I’m pretty sure that at some point in history this was a regular closet, the ‘his’ side, because it’s opposite the door to the walk in closet.  Some previous owner probably removed sliding doors and created a vanity/dressing area space. This … [Read more...]

Upholstered Headboard Tutorial

[facebooksimplelike] So first off,  2 things: 1. Thanks.  Big, huge, sloppy thanks.  You have no idea how much I love every single one of you who subscribes/reads my Musings & leaves comments, & pins my projects, & connects with me on FB & Pinterest.  Seriously, it blows my mind. From down-deep-where-I-live, thank you. 2. Read … [Read more...]

Technology vs. Pretty

[facebooksimplelike] During the continued saga of the Completely Unnecessary Master Bedroom Re-Do, we needed to deal with the television.  Here we are, creating this serene, shabby elegant haven; full of white and natural linen, softly worn looking furniture, beautiful wood....and then BAM, there’s the TV. Absolutely NOT sitting on those … [Read more...]

Dressers = Sanity.

  Remember I gave you a sneak peek at the dressers we finally found on Kijiji – their sizes, detailing & quality were absolutely perfect. With the exception of the boards between the drawers, they are solid maple & I have several pulled muscles that are very angry about their weight. Here's the requisite … [Read more...]

Why yes, That is crazy

  Here's how this particular episode of crazy began.....recall my post about our “New-ish” Night stands necessitating “New-ish” dressers? Leading to round the clock surveillance of Kijiji to find the perfect pieces? Well, we brought the new dressers home Tuesday – it is possible that they are the heaviest dressers ever made in the history of … [Read more...]

New (ish) Night Stands

We needed night stands. With a king size bed, the night stands needed some heft, some size, some scale.  Not being a fan of the ‘matchy’ bedroom sets, the world was our oyster in selecting bed side tables...it only took about 3-4 weeks of obsessive Kijiji & CraigsList stalking to find these beauties: Finding 2 tables/stands that were at … [Read more...]

The White Bedroom

The very thought.....delicious really. Everyone who knows me knows I’m completely whackadoodle about a white bedroom.   Not for clients – for me.  I’ve had several incarnations of white bedrooms over the years, changing furniture, bedding, even the white on the wall (yes, that’s right, white to a different white – I mentioned the … [Read more...]