Goodbye Christmas…..

F**king glitter & pine needles EV-ERY-WHERE. We un-decorated yesterday.  Not that we had a choice really, because the entire mantle display decided it could offer nothing further and slid to the floor in despair.  THAT was fun.  And then the vacuum died. Of course.  Though if I was the vacuum I would’ve taken a look at all that and committed … [Read more...]

Living Room Wainscot

[facebooksimplelike] My Living Room was falling flat....I liked our furniture, it was a tv-less room so very peaceful and cozy for reading & relaxing....and it felt - blah. I was thinking wainscot - but wanted...different.  Then I found this: source Lovely, isn't it? Though I tried (in vain) to convince my Mister that we could jigsaw … [Read more...]