Our Summer Happy – Outdoor Decorating

[facebooksimplelike] When you only have 5-ish months a year of weather favourable to outdoor living, the goal is to spend as much time outside as possible.  We are so fortunate to have a backyard that lends itself to that.. We have a Cabana area and deck off the back of the house.  Here, we’ve created 3 zones, the bar, a conversation zone, and an … [Read more...]

Summer Happy – Outdoor Decorating Inspiration

[facebooksimplelike] FINALLY I SAY! I have thawed, the sun is warm and wonderful and the time is here for living outdoors! We’re in the midst of "re-creating" our outdoor spaces a bit, I’ll show you what we’ve been doing around here soon. It involves spray paint, re-purposing, and color....just a few of my very favorite … [Read more...]