Happy Holidays & Some Personal Musings….

I’m writing this post curled up on my sofa with my dog, in my jammies, in front of my perfectly lovely, absolutely imperfect & non-blog worthy, sparkly Christmas tree.  It’s one of those peaceful, soft moments. It feels almost weird to be writing - I haven’t been here in so long - but for (at least) the last 5 months I’ve been … [Read more...]

Beauty is as Beauty Does

  Sometime bad kitchens happen to good people.  It’s an all too common, sad but true, fact. Such was the case for my clients.  They longed for simple things - cabinets that matched, floor tiles that actually looked clean when they were, maybe a bit more cooking space - nothing lofty.   The original, white melamine … [Read more...]

Powder Room Pretty

  Let’s talk Powder Rooms.  And I mean gorgeous and fabulous powder rooms.  Powder Rooms are pretty much purely functional spaces...I think that just means it’s even more important to make sure they’re pretty....kind of a distraction from all that, um...function.  Plus, powder rooms are intended for guests, so it’s kind of the … [Read more...]

soulstyle, Oprah, aha moments

I’ve been totally MIA here for a few weeks – I’ve missed you!  I hope you check to see signs of life from me on FB and Pinterest.  And even Twitter now!  (but #ihatetwitter, keep that in mind).  With several design projects in varying states of progress, staging projects and well, the whole ‘life’ thing, it’s been a bit crazy!  There are so many … [Read more...]

Let’s Love Wood Again….

  I think you know by now I’m a fan of painting furniture.  If you’re new here, and maybe you don’t know, check out here & here.  Trust - I’m a fan.  I love DIY, I support anyone being inspired to create their version of beauty in their home. BUT Ready?  I think wood furniture is beautiful.  Let me clarify: I think beautiful wood … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day

  Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  The day we celebrate the One we Love.  I think that’s what we’re doing, is that even right?  In any case, we’re celebrating Love. In elementary school, I loved the cute/cheesy valentines cards that were exchanged...well, until it became a competition about who-got-more-Valentines-and-from-whom-and-what-did … [Read more...]

Secret Santa & my Warm Fuzzy Christmas Thoughts

  We are inundated with updates and information on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary – the sadness and loss is incomprehensible.  There are no words that are adequate, no comfort that could be enough.  My heart and my prayers are with those families.     My girl Julie, at redheadcandecorate, coordinated a Secret Santa … [Read more...]

My Christmas Home

  [facebooksimplelike] Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  YOU are the very best kind of Christmas visitor – I can only offer you virtual drinks and snacks (requiring minimal effort), AND I can host you while in my fuzzy pj pants, ghastly hair and no makeup. I'm not even kidding, it's Perfect.  Blog Hosting is the shizz. The Christmas … [Read more...]

I’d like to Thank the Academy….

[facebooksimplelike] I’ve missed you. Client Design projects have me going every direction lately, with all projects “in progress” – meaning no finished rooms to present you, and absolutely no time for DIY’s in this Casa.   But I know our bond is greater than a teeny absence.... Here’s a quick but exciting tidbit from this past week: The … [Read more...]

My Pinterest Home

[facebooksimplelike] Do you relate? It’s the downside of Pinterest.  No matter how much you love your house, you’ll find spaces & places on Pinterest that you absolutely covet that will just never work in/at your house – leaving you wishing & yearning, knowing they’re unattainable.  There’s changes that the budget simply won’t … [Read more...]