Valentine’s Day

  Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  The day we celebrate the One we Love.  I think that’s what we’re doing, is that even right?  In any case, we’re celebrating Love. In elementary school, I loved the cute/cheesy valentines cards that were exchanged...well, until it became a competition about who-got-more-Valentines-and-from-whom-and-what-did … [Read more...]

In The BlogLight with HomeTalk

  In case you aren’t completely addicted already, let me - Hometalk is an online community to share home-related projects, ask home-related questions, and be inspired by amazingly talented DIY-ers, bloggers, and professionals.  Each week, one blogger is chosen to be In The Bloglight!  So, here I am – um, super-YAY! Miriam … [Read more...]

Year in Review 2012

There’s such a mix of emotions at the brink of a New Year, isn't there?  Excitement and anticipation about what the new year will hold, and a bit reflective and thoughtful about what the past year held. As I look through the Musings posts for 2012, not only is my exhaustion validated, but there’s a ton o’ satisfaction in the projects … [Read more...]

My Christmas Home

  [facebooksimplelike] Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  YOU are the very best kind of Christmas visitor – I can only offer you virtual drinks and snacks (requiring minimal effort), AND I can host you while in my fuzzy pj pants, ghastly hair and no makeup. I'm not even kidding, it's Perfect.  Blog Hosting is the shizz. The Christmas … [Read more...]

Some Christmas Pretty

 [facebooksimplelike] Have you started your Christmas decorating? I have always refused to start decorating or Christmas shopping until December arrived....just one of my thangs.  This year, we got started about mid-November on both – and I’m completely converted.  The Mister & I have both been so busy with work these last few weeks, and have … [Read more...]

Black Interior Doors

    A couple years ago, the Mister & I ripped all the carpet off the stairs, added new treads, stained them dark walnut, poly’d them (3 coats), and painted the risers white.  The whole hallway was painted (Benjamin Moore) Revere Pewter, one of my all-time favorite neutrals. Every. Single. Spindle. was removed, primed, painted … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom MakeOver

  [facebooksimplelike] This is the story of how a dreary & sad guest bedroom (that clearly didn’t even deserve sheets, poor dear) became brilliant and dazzling.  It was actually even drearier than this ‘Before’ pic, because before ‘Before’, it was still Builder Beige with bad carpet.           And now....  New carpet & … [Read more...]

Dressers & Baking….

  [facebooksimplelike] This story is about dressers.  And baking – Baking & Dressers.  And Sacrifice. So, first, have I ever told you about my friend Dawn’s baking?  As in, her world-class, amazingly delicious baking?  Cobblers, crisps, brownies, blondies, cookies & cakes – that just show up at my door.  I cannot, (and therefore, … [Read more...]

Mirror Top DIY

[facebooksimplelike]   Mirror topped furniture is like instant’s glam, it’s elegant. It works in just about any decorating style. Modern/contemporary: Eclectic: Vintage: Here’s more proof that a bit o’ sparkle adds awesome to anything.... You can mirror your toes....... You can chrome up your car, ala The … [Read more...]

Musings on the Pretty is 1 !!!

  [facebooksimplelike] This month is the 1 year Anniversary of ‘Musings on the Pretty’....does a blog have an Anniversary or a Birthday?  Ponder. ‘Musings’ had more of a gradual start – my first post was about the White Bedroom in June 2011; but it wasn’t til July 2011 that I really got going, so I’m declaring July as the ‘Musing’ … [Read more...]