Guest Bedroom MakeOver

  [facebooksimplelike] This is the story of how a dreary & sad guest bedroom (that clearly didn’t even deserve sheets, poor dear) became brilliant and dazzling.  It was actually even drearier than this ‘Before’ pic, because before ‘Before’, it was still Builder Beige with bad carpet.           And now....  New carpet & … [Read more...]

Oh Just Spray Paint It…..

  [facebooksimplelike] If you’re immersed in the world of design/decorating blogs, an avid DIY-er, an obsessive Pinner, (or all of the above) it's easy to forget that not everyone is. Quite often during Consultations, I will recommend a re-purposing of certain pieces - new area, new use, some altering, and of course, painting or spray … [Read more...]


[facebooksimplelike] My lovely client has 2 bathrooms that are so, so tired. They’ve worked so hard for many, many years, asking so little in return....they’ve been there for kids growing from toddler to teen... it’s where family dogs were bathed.....dramas took place, there was laughter & tears (ok, you get the point). These 2 bathrooms … [Read more...]

Home Staging Elephants

Sometimes as a Home Stager, I’m there to tell Sellers the ‘bad’ news about what buyers might think/see when viewing their home.  It’s far better to address the "elephant in the room"  before the photos are taken, and make sure that your home is 100% “showing ready”. It’s so important that Sellers understand that I'm there to help them sell their … [Read more...]

Manly Men

So, I got some feedback from my Dad (a forced keen subscriber of the 'Musings') recently....and what he said got me thinking.  He said everything was very "girly".  Not necessarily a bad thing given my demographic of readers, BUT, it made me wonder - Where do men get their inspiration/guidance for decorating?  Or do they? I sincerely believe that … [Read more...]