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I’ve been totally MIA here for a few weeks – I’ve missed you!  I hope you check to see signs of life from me on FB and Pinterest.  And even Twitter now!  (but #ihatetwitter, keep that in mind).  With several design projects in varying states of progress, staging projects and well, the whole ‘life’ thing, it’s been a bit crazy!  There are so many … [Read more...]

Paint it Black

[facebooksimplelike] When I posted about the treasures we found to decorate our Outdoor Spaces, you may recall my disgrace about the peeling porch paint.  And if publicly humiliating myself is what it takes to motivate me, then so be it. I painted the porch.  SW Black Fox, rolled on 2 coats, took all of 20 minutes. And that led to a fresh coat … [Read more...]

Choosing Wall Color

Choosing color in your own home really can be daunting and stressful; and unless (like me) you are actually happy about painting frequently, you want to make a choice you’re delighted with.  Some people find choosing color so intimidating that they just don’t choose anything....ever.  A friend of mine, I’ll call her Dawn (you can too, it’s her … [Read more...]


 I love doing Color Consultations with clients.   It’s so gratifying to work with people through the process and see them become so excited about their home. There is sometimes a short detour through The Land of the Shattered Illusions though. Explaining that there is no “perfect color”, or that the wall color they just love in their sisters … [Read more...]