Happy Holidays & Some Personal Musings….

I’m writing this post curled up on my sofa with my dog, in my jammies, in front of my perfectly lovely, absolutely imperfect & non-blog worthy, sparkly Christmas tree.  It’s one of those peaceful, soft moments. It feels almost weird to be writing - I haven’t been here in so long - but for (at least) the last 5 months I’ve been … [Read more...]

Secret Santa & my Warm Fuzzy Christmas Thoughts

  We are inundated with updates and information on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary – the sadness and loss is incomprehensible.  There are no words that are adequate, no comfort that could be enough.  My heart and my prayers are with those families.     My girl Julie, at redheadcandecorate, coordinated a Secret Santa … [Read more...]

My Christmas Home

  [facebooksimplelike] Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  YOU are the very best kind of Christmas visitor – I can only offer you virtual drinks and snacks (requiring minimal effort), AND I can host you while in my fuzzy pj pants, ghastly hair and no makeup. I'm not even kidding, it's Perfect.  Blog Hosting is the shizz. The Christmas … [Read more...]

Some Christmas Pretty

 [facebooksimplelike] Have you started your Christmas decorating? I have always refused to start decorating or Christmas shopping until December arrived....just one of my thangs.  This year, we got started about mid-November on both – and I’m completely converted.  The Mister & I have both been so busy with work these last few weeks, and have … [Read more...]

Sharing my Christmas Stories….

  Only 3 more sleeps! Have I mentioned that I am a complete 5 year old at Christmas? I still wake up by 5 am Christmas morning (sometimes earlier, but I do wait till at least 5 to actually get anyone up). I think this comes from having the most enchanting & magical Christmases when I actually was 5 years old, and throughout my whole … [Read more...]

Sometimes Life is Random. Like this Post.

  The other night I was wondering aloud to the Mister about the “There’ll be scary ghost stories” line in the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Christmas carol.  I think this wondering angered some kind of poltergeist in our house, because last night a large framed picture jumped off the wall right onto my head. Totally random.  The Mister … [Read more...]

….And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas….

Even though I do this for a living, I think it’s easy to become overwhelmed with design ideas on how to Holiday Up your house....I follow so many amazing blogs with such talented & creative decorators/DIY-ers, the inspiration is endless. Between my blog pals and Pinterest, it could be noon before I’m even dressed. Don't ever tell anyone … [Read more...]

Indoor Christmas Decorating

  It’s time for some Christmas decorating at my house, and I’m looking for creative inspiration – ways to use what I have in new or different ways. Here’s some Pretty I rounded up for you: First, some twists on the traditional.... source Love the idea of ribbon and wreaths instead of garland on banisters.  Or instead of wreaths, use … [Read more...]

Outdoor Holiday Decor

Well, November has just flown by, and before it gets absolutely freakin’ frigid too chilly, it’s a good time to think about outdoor decorating for the holidays.   Even the scroogiest love to see their towns all decorated and lit up for the holidays – it’s so pretty, & it creates a festive spirit in the ‘hood. source source These are … [Read more...]