Sharing my Christmas Stories….


Only 3 more sleeps!

Have I mentioned that I am a complete 5 year old at Christmas?
I still wake up by 5 am Christmas morning (sometimes earlier, but I do wait till at least 5 to actually get anyone up).

I think this comes from having the most enchanting & magical Christmases when I actually was 5 years old, and throughout my whole childhood.  My Mom & my Grandparents were incredibly creative, and so invested in my belief in the magic of Christmas & Santa.
Well, it could have also just been blackmail, but I choose to think otherwise.


My Grandfather was especially devoted to my sense of magic & wonder; probably stemming from his own less fortunate childhood.  One year, he must have snuck over and had a word with the mall Santa, because when we walked past, Santa waved & shouted
“Hi Mickey, see you Christmas Eve!”
My Pop knew Santa personally. You can’t imagine the thrill.


My whole family (aunts & uncles included) often spent Christmas Eve & morning at my grandparent’s house. I was visited by the Christmas Elf on Christmas Eve (who I know now was just my hammered  very animated uncle dressed up as the Elf), but how magical it was then.  I so vividly recall lying in bed Christmas Eve, trying desperately to fall asleep, and hearing the jingle of bells outside the window – and absolutely vibrating with excitement because Santa had arrived….this was my Grandfather out the backyard with bells. 

On Christmas morning, we all had to wait on the stairs while my Grandfather went to light the tree & make sure Santa had come.   I always got a beautifully hand written (in red, of course) letter from Santa Christmas morning, thanking me for the cookies & milk….oh, how I wish I’d kept them.


Life & people change, families & personalities diverge, but I will always hold in my heart the joy & love that wrapped my childhood Christmases.
I was so, so, very blessed, and none of it had anything to do with store bought gifts…….

  And here’s one last DIY that you could actually squeak in for this Christmas…..

Christmas Stockings are such a fun part of Christmas morning – some families do their stockings on their bed, some wrap the little gifts, some don’t.  We’ve always done them by the tree, and we wrap.  But with everyone adding to each other’s stockings (plus Santa’s stuff of course), regular stockings just couldn’t hold all the loot.
So a few years back, I made Pillowcase Stockings.

Using red pillowcases, with some fabric and craft bits, I created Mr. & Mrs. Claus faces for my parents, and ‘personality themed’ faces for everyone else.
My own happened to be a Princess, a sister getting married that year was a bride, another was a hippy chick.

I hope that your Christmas is full of love, joy, and contentment.
I wish you happiness, coziness, and delicious stuffing.

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  1. kelly corbett says:

    Thank you Tracy for sharing that with us all.Your family sounds very Special and from what i see and hear from your mom you are the center of her world .Your mom is a great lady and I am happy to have her in my life,,,I can tell every time you post that a lot of her is in you with the humor.Thanks once again for sharing and have a great Christmas from are house to yours….By the way the last one i shared with Faith and she loved it….

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