Righting the Wrongs…


Given my field, I am in A LOT of houses….enough houses to realize that builders in the mid to late 90’s had some seriously bad ideas and taste. Like, seriously weird-ass taste.  And bad judgement.

So though I wasn’t shocked at the plethora of WRONG in this bathroom at the initial consult, I was kind of expecting him to pop out :


The liberal use of ceramic faux black marble just made my eyeballs bleed.  Honestly, the experience was a bit terrifying.

Black marble BEFORE


And inside that faux black marble mausoleum shower – not even a light.  So showering has basically been a sinister, creepy experience for this family.  I mean, I didn’t say any of this to my client – clearly, she was in enough pain, right?

The footprint of this bath didn’t need to change – it’s the family bath of a family home – it had everything it needed, and it was all in the right place….except that dastardly bulkhead that had to come out – WHY, Builders, WHY?).

BEFORE shower bulkhead


There were a couple oddities to contend with design-wise – for example, it’s also a “cheater ensuite” from one of the bedrooms, so it has 2 entry doors, which could not change to pocket doors – meaning 3’ door swing space TIMES 2.  Argh.  It also has this verrry long wall at the left of the entry.  And can I share a pet peeve of mine?  Toilet tissue holders as a focal point -first thing you see from entry – fortheloveofHay-suess, WHY is this ever done?   Anyhoo, so other than a window, this room had zero interesting.

Bathroom Design Challenges


But, that just meant we needed to ADD interesting with the design of the ‘new’ going in.

Custom vanity design

New custom vanity with loads of practical storage? Check. Tissue holder installed on side of vanity instead of wall?  Oh, Oui.


Backsplash Accent

Incorporating the accent tile in the shower into a backsplash above the vanity – definitely adding impact.


Header moulding above mirror - bathroom design

Adding a header above the mirror inserts some “architecture” in a room that has none – gorgeous.


Bathroom pendant lighting
Pot lights IN the tub/shower, and hanging pendant lighting also step up the style factor.


Pewter bath fixtures
The choice of fixtures in a pewter finish (Moen “Vestige’), in the shower/tub, on the vanity hardware and faucet was perfect punctuation.


And last, the use of a gorgeous 6×24 marble tile inlaid on the floor.  The colour and veining in this tile is so amazing:

Bianco Wood Marble


Floor tile design
The inclusion of these ‘details’ in the design are well balanced by the simplicity of the 12×24 Matte Warm White tile on the floor & walls.


Quartz shower wall niche
I always incorporate a niche in the wall of the shower or tub for storage; facing that niche with the same material as the countertop (in this case, quartz) is clean and sleek looking, practical, and beautiful.


Family Bath Design Renovation
This is now a very well appointed and appealing space – one that won’t feel dated anytime soon.


Bathroom Renovation Design 2
It’s also pretty darn pretty.  Take that 90’s builders.  And you too, Liberace.


Before & After



Vanity & header finish SW extra white

Walls CIL ‘Cliffside’

Caesarstone counter Organic White

Kohler ‘Kathryn’ 13”x21” sink

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  1. Hmmm…the black tile would have looked amazing if the walls had been painted the paint splattered look in pink, turquoise and yellow. Add some carpet to the floor (tile is so overrated) with matching toilet tank covers and this room would totally rock!

    Yes, I am very much kidding! 😉 Tracy, this bathroom transformation is stunning! I love the idea of a header above the mirror. I have not seen that done. Very classy! The bathroom is very crisp and elegant.

    As always, AMAZING WORK! 😀

    • Hey Julie, obviously my first thought was indeed a splatter and/or sponge paint effect instead of changing everything…though I think I would have missed adding the carpet 😀 Thank you so much, love that you’re here! xoT

  2. Gotta love 90’s builders! Seriously, what were they thinking?!?! I remember houses with a lot of mauve carpet…gross! Anyway, your bathroom looks amazing! It is lighter and more of a classic style. I think the shower is my favorite and the built in shelves.

  3. Michael Baeumler says:

    From dated to timeless…great job Tracy

  4. Kelly Lovell-Taylor says:

    LOVE the remodel!!! Header is different and as interest, flooring and lighter colors open up the space. Simple, but elegant as always. Beautiful, Tracy.

  5. Kelly Lovell-Taylor says:

    I meant “adds” interest. : )

  6. now that is a transformation. i can’t even tell what i like most…i like it ALL!

  7. Very nicely done … love the gray …

  8. Doug Walchuk says:

    Absolutely fabulous transformation Tracy! As always, your designs rock. Love the niche in the wall of the shower so much. 🙂

  9. I love love love your new bathroom! I love gray and white!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful transformation. So classic and clean. The header above the mirror is genius!

    • Hi Maryann, thank you! The header really adds a custom finished feel, doesn’t it? And though this was not DIY, I think that project could be! Thanks for visiting! xoT.

  11. WOW! This bathroom is beautiful.

  12. Anne Marie says:

    Love your new bathroom – love the paint color. Question – what is CIL cliffside – what brand of paint is that???

  13. LOVE the renovation. Hubby & I are just beginning our master bath renovation. If you think this bathroom made your eyes bleed?? Mine might be worse. Have been in the house for 19 years & well, you know, everyone and everything comes before that bathroom that only Mom & Dad see. I’m showing your pics to my contractor(s) who are now bidding on the job. Love the colors, transitional style, lack of “super trends” that lose their style quickly.

  14. Unbelievable! I am pinning for future reference!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous bathroom!

  16. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse says:

    Love the idea of adding architectural interest above the mirror. Clever solution. I’m the middle of planning a bathroom makeover. Thanks for the idea.

  17. Where is the accent tile from? It’s so unique and pretty.

    • Thanks Gina, it was sourced from a local tile supplier, I’m not sure who the manufacturer is, I’m sorry 🙁 xoT

  18. Hi!
    Lovely transformation!
    I would like to know the length of your counter.

  19. Love the renovation! I would like to purchase pendant light fixtures like those, would you share your source?


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