Paint it Black

When I posted about the treasures we found to decorate our Outdoor Spaces, you may recall my disgrace about the peeling porch paint.  And if publicly humiliating myself is what it takes to motivate me, then so be it.
I painted the porch.  SW Black Fox, rolled on 2 coats, took all of 20 minutes.

And that led to a fresh coat of white paint on the front doors…..

Which led to updating the storm door hardware, which was brass….

And a new area rug.

And, of course, it can’t just end there…(at least, not in my world)

In standing back to admire the porch updates, I mentioned to the Mister about the tremendous amount of fugly that were our front door inserts.
Because they seriously are.

All full of rosy hued stained glass & brass trim, their only redeeming quality was, well actually none.  Nada.
They had no redeeming qualities.
Out they came.

Three simple steps, here’s how:

Remove the screws in the trim moulding surrounding the glass (there may be plugs to remove first that cover the screws).  Use a utility knife if necessary to score down the edges of the trim on the door side.  Remove trim frame.  Now remove the glass pane.  You don’t have to touch the trim on the exterior side.

The new inserts we chose are very plain – we wanted front windows that offered some privacy, but the kind of privacy that didn’t involve stained glass, frosted glass, swirling brass, art-deco inspired designs, etc – which seems like a simple request and is in fact not.  Seems the big box stores have a different opinion on door insert appeal than I.

The blinds inside the glass panes louver open & close, and also completely raise & lower.

Everything you need to install them comes with the new insert.
Just place it in the door, and screw in the trim.  Pop in the plastic plugs to cover the screws, and you’re done.

And here we go again.

In standing back to admire the new door glass, I’m completely bored with the interior door color.   At almost every Color Consultation I do, I recommend that the interior of the front door be painted black.

Because it’s fantastic.

I lovelovetriplelove this!

I used SW All Surface Alkyd paint, 2 coats.  It’s very stinky but extremely durable, and requires no primer on wood, concrete, metal, etc. (I also painted my fireplace brick with it).

Now, you may be thinking, “Wouldn’t it have been easier to paint the doors when you removed the glass inserts”?  Which is a very good question and the answer is yes it would have been but I’m an idiot and I prefer to keep things complicated.  That is also why I chose to do all this on the hottest day on record this year, 43’ with humidity.

So the correct steps would be: remove inserts, paint door, install new inserts…

(this change also led to a new area rug in the foyer)

Foyer wall color is BM Metropolis, overhead light fixture is actually an exterior fixture)

The last unexpected-but-totally-necessary project was the door hardware, which was black and now looked great on the exterior side, but completely disappeared on the interior.  Removing it and spray painting it was an option, but considering this quick ‘porch re-painting’ project had now stretched into several days, it wasn’t one I was excited about.

Then I remembered that little tube of magic I used here – Rub ‘n’ Buff.

Wax on, Wax off, Grasshopper.

So to summarize for you – painting the porch? $40 for a gallon of paint that will keep the porch painted & re-painted until my retirement years.
Everything else that then had to be re-done or changed as a result of the porch painting?

foyer area rug  $80

2 glass door inserts $335

front door paint $15

porch area rug $20

screen door hardware $50

Total $500

 Worth it.


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  1. This turned out lovely. I have a black or almost black front door as well.

  2. I love the black doors! Cool!

  3. definitely better! great job!

  4. Ooooo, I love interior black doors. And yes, your new door inserts are about 1000% better. Great updates!

  5. I love the window inserts and I have a black front door as well. Love it!

  6. If your colour theme was not black and white (eg red or blue front door) would you leave the insert “trim” white or would you paint it out? If you paint it, with what kind of paint?

    • Hi Susan! On the inserts we used, the ‘trim’ is plastic / vinyl….so if you did want to paint it out, you’d need to use a product like the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch for Plastic so it adhered. Because all the trim in our house is white (baseboards, door frames, window frames), having the window trim here remain white makes sense visually. Hope that helps! xoT.

  7. Super, thanks. now I need to get details from someone on kitchen cabinets. Trying to figure out if we should go dark or light ( I’m leaning to “white” which as you know comes in 1000 variations) and whether we should try the rustoleum cabinet product or get them professionally sprayed.


  8. Love the black and white floral rug. Where did you find it? Thx

    • Hi Iona – Thank you! I actually cannot remember where we picked that up, I’m so sorry! Re: the hardware on the doors; the front/entry doors I used Rub ‘n Buff to change them from black to silver, but it isn’t super durable (though a clear coat might help?). all the interior doors we changed the hardware to silver/brushed nickel. Thanks! xoT

  9. Another question….. My hardware is also black. How did you change the colour of it?

  10. What’s the brand of the door inserts?