Oversize Dining Room Lantern

Our love affair began in a parking lot.

Not the most romantic of beginnings, seedy & cheap almost.
Fitting, because I could see she had ‘A Past’ – sitting there in all her brassy boldness.

But it was like a magnetic energy that pulled us together.  You know that feeling when all your nerve endings go on high alert and you’re almost giddy?  That was me – in the parking lot.  The Mister had dropped me off and left to run an errand, so I was alone…..and I knew he wouldn’t understand this new love.

And I also knew that wouldn’t matter.

I (of course) had braked for the annual Re/Max charity sale that benefits breast cancer.  Sitting there on a table, not even priced yet, was the Biggest, Bad-Ass Lantern Fixture EVER.  As in 26.5” high, 20” in diameter, and eleventy jillion pounds.

I acted casual…coy really, feigning aloofness….I checked all the pieces (all there), all the beautiful bevelled glass panels were intact….Almost heady with glee now, I coolly asked the price.  How ‘bout $20, he said….maybe less if I had other purchases?

I felt faint.


The Mister returned – we had this conversation (in whispered tones): 

Me: So, this is the greatest light fixture EVER – what do you think?

Mister : Really?  It’s monstrous – where would we even put it? (s.o. sensible that man o’ mine)

Me: I don’t know, I’ve just found it.  It’s not all worked out yet – maybe the dining room.

Mister : But we have a perfectly fine dining room light.

Me: Exactly. Perfectly fine.  Is that all you want – perfectly fine?


The light came home.

So for $30 – to a great cause – I got the B.B.A. Light Fixture, a huge bowl (now a garden bird bath), and 8 vintage mason jars.


Check out these similar fixtures and the prices:



So then I just stared for awhile.  At the enormous fixture and at the dining room….deciding.

I thought it needed to be two tone – keep the ‘integrity’ of the lantern vibe with black on the outer frame, but chrome in the center for some bling.  A dining room needs some bling.  It distracts from my cooking.

This decision did take a Master Level of origami taping job at the top, but it worked.  I took almost the entire fixture apart & cleaned it, then used Rustoelum Hammered Black (Gloss) on the outer part, and Tremclad Bright Coat in Chrome on the inner part.

The Mister had to reinforce the junction box in the ceiling because of the weight of it.
I acted was very concerned and interested in this part.


I had to include evening photos – the shadows it creates in the room are fabulous.

My name is Tracy, and I’m a Light Fixture Addict.


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  1. I adore your dining room light redo, this is amazing! And, the contrast/bling such a good call. It’s wonderful and I have a giant crush on your dining room now too 🙂


  2. Great score! I also got lucky and found 2 huge ones very similar to yours at the HH Restore Store, they were $75 but still a deal! People just need to learn to look past the shiny brass!

  3. Beautiful light, Tracy! Great score for you, although, your hubby sounds like mine and they never think the same as us! It suits your dining room beautifully.

    visiting from Feathered Nest Friday : )

    • An awesome score Kathy – and thankfully he’s fairly easily persuaded 🙂 xoT.

  4. How incredibly fabulous! You definitely had a vision for that one!

    Flora Doora

  5. That light is just amazing! I would have would have hauled that thing home all on my own if that’s what it took -LOL! What you did with it looks fabulous.
    And hooray for moving to wordpress – welcome! I have never once regreted making the switch!

    • I would have too, Jill, and thank you! Yes, the move was seamless and well worth it! Thanks for visiting! xoT.

  6. This is fantastic! What a great find. And I love your overall look in the dining room.

  7. What a great find I love it and it looks so good in the room. Love your dining room.

    Saw you on My Romantic Home.


  8. It looks fabulous! I have to ask…did you paint the chain and did that work out okay? I have a brass fixture – very much like yours – that I want to paint and the only thing I’m concerned about is the chain. Good work! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Julie! I didn’t paint the chain, I changed it to black, which is very very simple to do. I have painted fixture chain in the past, and have found it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and doesn’t look perfect. Use pliers to open up the end links, and just slide it off the wire. This makes painting easier as well. Good luck! xoT.

  9. Looks awesome! Great find!

  10. Okay, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I am SUCH a light fixture addict. I’m trying to convice hubby to come up with a way to be able to swap out light fixtures as the mood strikes. Oh. Wait. I sort of make him do that for me. Never mind. Carry on. 😉
    Fabulous find!!!
    Shannon – aka design

  11. Really well done! I love the combination of the chrome inside and the black outside!

  12. I have never been more jealous of a light in all my life!!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! LOVE your style…love your dining room!!!

  13. this is gorgeous and what a savings! Thanks for linking up.

  14. The light fixture is gorgeous. I love that you saw through her past and made her beautiful again.

  15. I really love this! It is great to have vision! It fits perfect in the space!

  16. Wow! So gorgeous!!!Found you through Better After. 🙂

  17. Gah, I am so jealous! Awesome find and it looks perfect!

  18. Fabulous! I am so jealous that you have the vision to create something this beautiful. Something from less than nothing. Absolutely fabulous!

  19. Looks brand spankin new!

  20. What a find! What an amazing light fixture! I have a felling that men have always some doubts about our womens finds =D

  21. love, love, love, this.
    i would love to feature it, if that would be ok with you please let me know


    • Hi Lauren – Sorry for the delayed response, your comment was spammed for some reason! Yes, please do, and thank you! xoT.

  23. Looks amazing. In the past I have also spray painted similar light fixtures and found that the heat from the lightbulbs causes the spraypaint to give off a very yucky odor, almost like the smell of melting platic…I hope this does not happen to your beautiful makeover!!

    • Thanks Annika! Wow, I have 3 spray painted fixtures, and haven’t experienced that with any of them! Prior to painting, I tape off the bulb socket really well – preventing paint from getting in there has helped maybe? The fixtures I’ve done are all chandelier styles, so the bulbs aren’t near any of the painted areas either…. xoT.

  24. You have inspired me to try a chandelier! It is beautiful! Great blog.

  25. The light is awesome! I keep searching and searching and searching for a great deal like that. Actually, just any used light – great deal or not – but I have yet to find one. Looks great!!

    • Keep searching Misti – most of my favorite light fixtures were second hand finds! Thanks, xoT.

  26. Love the lantern!! What are size is the dining room? We are currently remodeling our home and trying to get decor ideas. This looks like our soon to be dining room.

    • Hi Rose, thank you! Our dining room is about 15’x11′ or so – check out the “dining Room project post for more ideas! xoT


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