My Christmas Home


Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  YOU are the very best kind of Christmas visitor – I can only offer you virtual drinks and snacks (requiring minimal effort), AND I can host you while in my fuzzy pj pants, ghastly hair and no makeup. I’m not even kidding, it’s Perfect.  Blog Hosting is the shizz.

The Christmas in the Living Room is a bit of rustic, natural feel, a bit of a vintage-vibe….


the tree in here has all the handmade ornaments that have been crafted over the years….

the coffee table is full of candles, in silver mason jars & antique silver candlesticks, mixed with simple pinecones and silver ornaments…..

instead of a tree ‘skirt’, we DIY’d a Christmas Tree Crate….

it was so simple to build using 1”x6” fence boards. It’s really a ‘pretend crate; because it’s only 3 sided and just sits in front of the tree stand……

speaking of tree stands.   Size matters.  that’s just good advice…..

not to worry – this very bad sitch is fiz’d. And fixed.   Size matters.


The family room is a Christmas Winter Wonderland….white feather boas on the mantel….

and on the wreath hanging beside the tree


stacks of presents wrapped in beautiful white paper with bright fuchsia ribbon sit on the hearth on either side of the fireplace….

black, white, silver, and fuchsia – fun, casual, bright and light……

Milo even matches…..

the tree topper is the hugest, most fancy-pants black satin & rhinestone ‘churchin’ hat you ever did see….


I’m really glad you visited, it’s been great (not actually) having you here….I hope that your Christmas decorating is filling you with joy….it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make you happy.

 So if you are running from store to store, or stressing out about decor, menus, or family shin-digs, remember that this very special season is meant to fill your heart with happiness, make you aware of all the blessings you have, and give you moments to reflect on what really matters.

 Sometimes it just takes the tiniest elf to change your whole perspective.

From my heart to yours,

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Very pretty! Hope you have a wonderful holiday, too!


  2. Kelly Lovell-Taylor says:

    GORGEOUS! STUNNING! But, now sadly, I’m bitter and downtrodden because while my home is lovely on a scale of “What were you thinking?” to “STUNNING”, it’s just not as fancy-pants, black and rhinestone churchin’ hat fabulous as this – LOL! You have inspired me to do more. LOVE the ideas – SO creative, and very “doable”. The house looks beautiful – as always. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas, Tracy.

    PS. I’ve already borrowed the crate idea with the logs, greenery and berries. THANKS for the tips.

    • Do not be bitter Darling Kelly – you can go right out and get that fancy ass hat and be stunning. Thank you, thank you – Merry Christmas to you all! xoT.

  3. It’s all so beautiful, Tracy! I love the stacks on wrapped presents on either side of your hearth. Thank you for linking up to the Better Late Than Never Thanksgiving bloghop.