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Do you relate?

It’s the downside of Pinterest.  No matter how much you love your house, you’ll find spaces & places on Pinterest that you absolutely covet that will just never work in/at your house – leaving you wishing & yearning, knowing they’re unattainable.  There’s changes that the budget simply won’t allow, and that’s a whole different story…. I’m talking about the spaces or design ideas that just don’t jive with the mojo you’ve already created, or the structure that already is.  You. Won’t. Have. It.


With that incredibly disheartening thought in mind, I’m showing you my very own “I Wish” list.  The pins that both delight & depress me.  I’m going to show you around My Pinterest House.

We have a fantastic outdoor area (in Real Life)….But not this kind of fantastic.  A full height, stone, wood burning fireplace conjures up chilly Fall evenings & cool Spring mornings outside by the fire.  And nothing uber-fancy, just lots of stone and character.

Leading away from the multi-seasonal outdoor space, you’d head directly into the Sleeping Porch.  I’d be fine if it looked like this one from Maple&Magnolia.  Though I’ve never had one, I’m certain the name is misleading in that you don’t have to sleep here – the idea of just saying you have a Sleeping Porch is extremely romantic and eccentric and lovely – and I would spend hours reading and relaxing here.  And being eccentric.   And lovely.

Now, if you were at my Pinterest House front entry, there would definitely be a Dutch Door.  I have no idea why or of what use this would be to me,  but I am enamored.

And the back entry would probably look something like this:

Let’s continue the tour inside, shall we?

This first picture was our ‘inspiration’ for our Real Life Master Bedroom MakeOver (here, here, & here).  And overall, we did okay, stayed true to the ‘vibe’.  But it will never have those gorgeous vaulted ceilings with white washed beams, or an adjoining sitting area.

From the Master Bedroom, this corridor with a charming white washed brick wall would lead to a romantic and elegant Ensuite bathroom….it hits all the marks for me – soft & timeless in style, graceful and lived in.

Of course the heart of the home is the kitchen.
The “dreamkitchenIcouldneverhavewhereilivenow”
could be either of these…I’m not picky.  I love the natural light in both of them, large expanses of windows overlooking the same rolling hills and lush acreage that the outdoor fireplace & sunporch views offer.  And oh look, more exposed ceiling beams.

Adjoining the kitchen would be the Keeping Room.  Similiar to the Sleeping Porch, I’m mostly captivated with the name.  And it would definitely need to have exposed brick:

housebeautiful/j randall powers


The Keeping Room would naturally open up to the Family Room.

Last but most definitely not least, interior ‘barn doors’.  In picture 1, a brilliant alternative to French doors, Picture 2, an armoire front….probably in the space that at one time was a “formal parlor”, and is now a Gathering Room.  We’d Gather.


Do you ever look for the ‘common threads’ in your design pins?  The details that, if you put them all together, show you exactly what you want, what you really really want?   (you totally just sang that, didn’t you?)  According to my pins, I need a large, old, country manor of sorts….On acreage, preferably located somewhere with a mild climate…..Clearly, there’s some details to iron out.

Of course it makes sense (with the acreage) to have a barn on the property (small is fine)….a work space for DIY projects.  This is quite perfect:

MacMurray Ranch (Gallo family winery) by architects Backen, Gillam & Kroeger[/caption]

As further evidenced by my Pinterest boards, I also want about 15 dogs, a kangaroo, horses and deer. And I want them all to cuddle.

So, is it just me?  Or does Pinterest create dreams of totally unrealistic spaces for you too?


If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home.



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If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. I had to laugh….you nailed it. Sometimes I have to just put the Pinterest away for a bit and enjoy the home I have, renos and all! 🙂 Love your site….

  2. SS, I think that my Pinterest home (well, one of them anyway) is in your Pinterest neighborhood! If not, maybe I can help you build a Pinterest guest house so that I can come to visit! I’ve got many of these same photos pinned to my boards. Unrealistic, probably. But dreams cost nothing and who knows, I COULD win the lottery…well, I could if I actually played…. xo

    • Well SS, I am not at all surprised that we’d be in the same ‘hood, and have matching pins. OR that we both hope for a lottery win but don’t play. And that guest house? ALL yours. xoT.

  3. Your Pinterest fantasy house is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing such wonderful eye candy!

  4. Well, this is good timing. I just “diagnosed” your pin boards in tonights post. All in good fun. Believe it or not there is a giant line of others wanting their boards “diagnosed” …craziness!

  5. Gorgeous though! Love all of this pictures!

  6. Gorgeous though! Love all of these pictures!

  7. I love your Pinterest home! I would make many of the same choices.

  8. I discovered your blog through BNOTP and Metamorphis Monday. I enjoyed your style of writing and laughed out loud a number of times and nodded my head as though we were sitting on the outdoor area in front of the massive brick fireplace and sharing a glass of wine on a late summer evening. Consider your site bookmarked! I will be back.

    • Patty, I am so glad we’ve found each other! Consider this a deal – once I live in my Pinterest House, you & I will sit in that very spot with wine and become BFF’s. Stay in touch! xoT.

  9. I just giggle out loud at your writing. Looks like you will have a bunch of us girl’s as BFF’s at your pinterest home. I snuggle well with animals. I’m so glad I found your site last year. It has been fun to follow! You have amaaazzzing taste and a knack for making things work more on my budget! Keep up the good work and great commintary

    • But YOU, Jaryn, are my favorite BFF. Thank you very much for following and having fun with me – and for snuggling with animals. xoT.

  10. YUP I can so relate 🙂

  11. Love it. Found ur site via Pintrest and its so true. Pin it, wish for it, want it, never get it. ahhhh.

  12. Mary "Toni" Beyer says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Pinterest home! So lovely!! Of course, I use Pinterest to HAVE all the homes I want…without the expense and upkeep!! LOL! I can go there and visit and enjoy myself whenever I want. 😉 Then I come back and bask in my real home….mmmmm. I will come to visit and share delicious beverages in front of the fireplace.

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