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This month is the 1 year Anniversary of ‘Musings on the Pretty’….does a blog have an Anniversary or a Birthday?  Ponder.
‘Musings’ had more of a gradual start – my first post was about the White Bedroom in June 2011; but it wasn’t til July 2011 that I really got going, so I’m declaring July as the ‘Musing’ AnniversaryBirthday.

I started to “Muse” for a couple reasons….first, because I encounter so many people who would tackle some home DIY projects with some direction.  And I know there are many amazing & fantastically creative Design & DIY bloggers out there, so I was not exactly blazing a trail.
And that leads to the second reason, which is that I am NOT a professional DIY-er or Design Blogger.

It is my willingness to fail combined with the enthusiasm to try it anyhow that leads to many a DIY project in my own home.

I am very lucky to have a talented and handy Mister, who often brings the patience and logic that I do not possess to projects, minimizing the failure rate.

As a full time Interior Decorator & Home Stager, I also have renovation and re-Decorating projects to share – stories of Real People, with Real Budgets, and how we made choices that accommodate both budget and beauty.

Here’s some of the highlights from the first year of ‘Musings’:

Features at these blogs:

Remodelaholic (5 times!)
BeneathMyHeart (twice!)
BetterAfter (twice!)
HouseofHepworths (twice!)
Addicted2decorating (twice!)
PowerOfPaint (twice!)
MyUncommonSliceOfSuburbia (twice!)

Projects from my little blog have been pinned over 6000 times.
A DIY tip of mine appeared in House Beautiful magazine (#14, which refers to my dining table turned coffee table).
Get the magnifying glass, it’s there.

All in all, a pretty incredible first year….. All way beyond my expectations.

The most popular projects have been the Living room Wainscot & the Vintage MirrorDoor….

My personal favorite projects this year are the Upholstered Headboard and our bedroom dressers….

Blogging for the last year and reading/following many other blogs has helped me define what I hope ‘Musings’ is,  AND what I hope it isn’t:

Here’s what my blog will never be:

– blatant self-promotion and/or continuous posts about ‘what I made fabulous’

– arrogant or pretentious – I don’t approach design this way, and I think beautiful spaces have nothing to do with huge budgets.

– anything but real – I’m juggling family, a career, bad hair days, Angry Birds, a budget, and a home just like most of you….Life interrupts the best laid plans and projects get delayed….and sometimes me and my house are a hot freakin’ mess.

What I really hope is that it’s inspiring, down to earth, sometimes educational & informative, a bit random, a bit funny, and kind of like chatting with a kindawackybutinagoodway friend….

So because we chat often, and if you lived near me I’d totally have you over for cupcakes and champagne, I hope you’ll celebrate with me.
We would also be having this CheddarBacon Pull Apart Bread because, well, look at it….sort of a silly question.

(Here’s the link to the recipe.  Totally fine if you make it without me.  Or make it and send it to me. Either or.)

Know that I am extraordinarily grateful and thrilled about every comment, reader, FBfriend, pin, subscriber and email….

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If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. Betty Whatley says:

    Love your blog. It is so information that you don’t see everywhere. Thanks so much.

  2. Betty Whatley says:

    If I could spell right it would be great. I meant it is so much great information in your blog and so many different things that you don’t see everywhere. Thanks so much and am looking forward to more work that you have. Great job.

  3. Thanks for creating a warm and friendly vibe on your blog and for creating a resource for people to find new and creative ideas.

  4. Great post. I love the bedroom setup, and the food picture makes me hungry!

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog (FB and Pinterest).

    The Quiet Mom blogging @ Spaghetti with Meatballs Recipe

    Also, don’t miss our Custom Blog or Social Network Button Giveaway

  5. Congrats on your Blog-iversary! If there’s BACON and bad dancing involved, I’m IN! Congrats on a WONDERFUL year and I’m humbled and thrilled to be your “soul sister” xo

    • THANK YOU Darling! Um, of course there’s bacon, but I gots me some rhythm Sista, so no bad dancing 🙂 I’m glad we’ve found each other my sistafromanothamista. xoT.

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