Living Room Wainscot


My Living Room was falling flat….I liked our furniture, it was a tv-less room so very peaceful and cozy for reading & relaxing….and it felt – blah.

I was thinking wainscot – but wanted…different.  Then I found this:



Lovely, isn’t it?

Though I tried (in vain) to convince my Mister that we could jigsaw this, he wasn’t buying in.
I contacted local millwork shops, and using MDF the quote was over $900.
Not bad, but not in the budget right now – and I really like right now.
Because now that a bee was in my bonnet about this room, I was obsessed driven.

Enter my brilliant Uncle Kerry –

Being a skilled wood-working handy type Uncle, I asked for his help/opinion on how to get what was now a deep rooted need for this wainscot.  And he found this company –

 Acurio Latticeworks.

Acurio’s product is made from PVC, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, totally paintable, and the best part – totally customizable.  I emailed Marc McAvoy there my ‘inspiration’ photo and some details, and within a few days he sent me this:

COULD I be more excited? Well yes actually, because then he gave me some pricing – for the entire room, in panels specifically cut for each wall length, AND shipped from Georgia to Canada, the total was just over $400! 

Hell, yes.

I might add that though Marc randomly named the design “Metropolis Circles”, it is also known as “soulstyle wainscot”, should you be contacting them.

As I worked with Marc and learned more, the absolute awesome-ness of this product was rocking my socks.
Where and how else could it be used?
With a bit of a tighter design than the wainscot, I wondered if they’d work as stationary window panels, adding privacy without blocking light.

So I added those to my order too. 

Ok, so here’s all the beauty….

Gorgeous, right?

So what we the Mister did is beef up our existing baseboard with a small piece of moulding, then used the brad nailer to install the panels.  A bit of dap covered the brads & the seams perfectly.  Narrow cove moulding was necessary in the corners because the panels are far squarer than our house is.  Then another piece of moulding along the top to cap it off, and voila.
In these pics above & below we haven’t put the final coat of paint on the bottom or top mouldings.

Up close & personal for those attempting this daredevilry at home.

AND…..the Finished product – swoon…..



Moving on to the window panels….

Here they are in the dining room.

custom window panels

We gave Marc at Acurio the exact dimensions of each window casing section, and the panels were P.erfect.
Again, “We” had to cut out a bit of the panel to fit around the window lever, but a regular hacksaw was all it took.

Here in the living room, we opted to install them just on each side of the bay window.

Are you wondering how we hung them?  With vinyl window casings, nailing was sorta out of the question.
We used VELCRO TABS – high-five, Velcro!

Seriously – 1 tab in each corner, and 1 each side in the middle.  Haven’t budged.

7 window panels, the entire room of wainscot, shipped from Georgia, STILL less than just the wainscot done locally in MDF.

I love the living room now.  It’s peaceful and calm, and so beautifully US.

affordable wainscot, tutorial
PVC wainscot tutorial (I just love that coffee table – read about it here….)

I also love Acurio Latticeworks.  My house was the guinea pig project for this product, but I would not hesitate to use this product with a client.  The options are only as limited as your imagination.

Suspended on chain as room dividers in a loft/open concept?  Maybe something as simple as wall decor.
I bet you could even hinge them and use them as shutters indoors.
ANY design – and they already have a ton to choose from. 

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary.
Fall in love with your home again.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. OH MY GOSH Tracy! I can not believe how you did this! I have used a local company for this type of work, but it is made out of wood and so PRICEY! This is so affordable and doable I am in awe. Love, love love the look. And putting those stationary panels in the windows was genius. Thanks for all the details, it is something I want to use in the future for sure, you are right the possibilites are endless.

  2. How COOL! And exciting that they ship to Canada. Now where in my house do I need fanciness made out of PVC…

  3. These are exactly what I had in mind for my house. Your room looks amazing! I really love the design you chose. (Thanks for sharing your source!)

  4. OMG! I’m speechless….I wish I could do something like this in my apartment. I just love it and I’m in awe!

    • Hi Kahli – you totally can! Wall decor? Window panels like I did? No damage to walls! Thanks for the love and for visiting!

  5. Now this is beautiful!Lucky you!

  6. How fabulous is that? Love your creative style and your ability to take a risk. This turned out amazingly. So glad I stopped by and thank you for your visit to my favorite room post at BeColorful

  7. I’m so pinning this to my “for the home” board! LOVE it!

  8. Wow…I have never heard of this. It looks fantastic and how unique…really like it in the windows too.

  9. L*O*V*E! I think this is one of the most cutting edge and gutsy decorating moves I have seen in a long time. Congrats to you – love the inspiration picture and your result. It is so pretty in the room and definitely not overpowering. ENJOY!

  10. I began reading design blogs awhile back and I knew I wanted to do something like this under my existing chair rail in my kitchen. This is SOOOO much more interesting than just adding squares to it. I will be checking this company out as soon as the BR is done. So thankful Centsation Girl spotlighted you. This is genuis!!

  11. What a great product! Thanks for sharing, your room is beautiful…found you at Centsational Girl!

  12. I’m AMAZED!!!! I found your project through Centsational Girl and I’m so glad I did – it’s just beautiful!

  13. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Wow, that looks just gorgeous!!!!

  14. Over from CG. I love that! The window panels were genius! I have some sun room windows that are screaming for that. Thanks for the inspiration. BTW, what is the color on your living room walls? Is that a gray? I would love to know. Thanks!

    • Hi Katy – thanks for visiting! You will LOVE the window panels….Living room wall color is SW 7016 – Mindful Gray

  15. All I can say is WOW! I totally love the design for the wainscotting and the windows…I have a finished basement and have been looking for ways to “warm” it up a bit and make it look not so basement-y…this may just do the trick! I love it! ♥

  16. I’m SO impressed! Such a unique idea for wainscoting, and at a surprisingly reasonable price. I’m glad that Centsational Girl featured you on her blog!

  17. LOVE this idea, it’s absolutely brilliant! I’m heading to Acurio’s website now to find my own possibilities! Thanks for the post!

  18. speechless- that’s by FAR one of the coolest things I”ve seen in the past several years…. nice work, looks gorgeous, fun and funky !

  19. Renee Osborne says:

    Okay, I am totally in LOVE with this! I think my living room needs this. 🙂

  20. OMGosh! This is so amazing, and yes – for the room divider… I NEED it as a room divider NOW. I have a feeling I’m going to be quite “driven” to get this done too! Thanks for sharing!

  21. MelissaJane says:

    That is freaking GORGEOUS. The windows are even better than the walls – and then I look at the walls again and think, no, the walls ROCK! Wow, what a fantastic solution.

  22. Now that is stunning! Everything just looks so glamourous and upscale. I am going to share this on my blog……..G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S

  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your resource! I saw the Martha Stewart show when it aired (the one that your inspiration photo came from) and spent the next couple of days trying to track down the wainscoting on the internet, but to no avail. I am so glad Centsational Girl featured you because now I can get some for my very own. And double thanks for the paint color on your living room walls. I was considering using that color for my kitchen and it looks great. You totally rock!!

    • SO welcome Julie, and thank you! You will love Mindful Gray….it’s a totally mutable color, changes with light in the space.

  24. those look absolutely stunning!!! NICE JOB!

  25. I love this! I am going to start saving up for this for my dining room. It’s so beautiful it just blew me away! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  26. Hi,
    Found you through Centsational Girl! This idea is so unbelievable!!! As you’ve said, the uses could be endless – only limited by our imaginations. Great for renters, owners and all others inbetween!
    Now to the rotten stuff, did you have to pay Ontario Sales Tax and HST (would think so)? How about duty (don’t know about that one)?
    Thanks for any info you can give me,
    Cathy (from down the road in London)

    • Hi Cathy – thanks for visiting! I’ve emailed you the deets!

      • Finesse says:

        Amazing look!!! We’re going to be moving into a fixer upper soon and looking for inspiring ways to transform the old back to life 🙂 I too am in Ontario and was wondering what duties, added costs and info I would need to know ahead of time before I can have a masterpiece like this in my home? Is it easy for the panels to ship?

        • Hi Finesse, thank you! Acurio manufactured the panels in lengths specific to our room and windows. There were 12 panels total, and it was approx $600 including shipping; this was also for a custom design. Thanks to NAFTA, there were no added costs, as the panels are manufactured in the USA. Contact Acurio directly, they’re really great to work with! Good luck with your fixer-upper! xoT

  27. missmarty says:

    this is absolutely STUNNING!! i want it!!! thank you so much for sharing such a beautifula and inspiring room!

  28. OMG! This is amazing! Thank you for putting this idea in my head, my poor husband will now be suffering for months until this is done! ha! I absolutely LOVE it, I am going to have to check out this company and look into this for our dining room! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  29. Wow, I love this! How much privacy do the window inserts give if you’re outside the house looking in at night? We have a large picture window in our living room, and live on a busy street…right now we have those big vertical blinds (eww!), and I’m trying to figure out a better window treatment that gives us privacy and still lets light in.

  30. I love it, they are so pretty

  31. Absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen this before. I must pass this photo on to the hubby

  32. Marty Trout says:

    HOLY #@*%! (shoot)! LOVE it! very classy! thank you for this source, beautiful room!

  33. LOVE IT LOVE IT! Wow it makes such a big difference adding just a few pieces here and there, and on the windows so elegent! I linked your posting to my blog: Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  34. Loving your blog! My husband and I have one as well. Would love for you to check it out and let us know your thoughts. Keep the great posts coming!

  35. Tom Rogers says:


  36. Hi there , Found your blog from DebbieDoos sidebar. I am loving your transformation.
    What a difference it makes to your room and windows -what it says to me though is “We love our home and want you to feel welcome when you are here”( Yep that’s what says to me -lol ) Thanks for sharing the source

  37. I love it! For the past 5 months, my husand & I had discussed some type of Greek key wainscot in our dining room but using circles! We about passed out when we saw what you all did and the for the price you scored!! He thought the original quote of $900 was a steal really! Thank you for sharing the manufacturer, we’ll be contacting him! It looks beautiful!

  38. MommieJoys says:

    I have been looking and looking and thinking and thinking for something for the 4 windows in our breakfast area. Awesome! LOVE IT to death.

  39. That is insanely beautiful and insanely unique…right up my alley! I am blown away!

  40. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this … This is exactly what I’ve been looking for (have been searching online for days!). Never thought of “lattice” work! Awesome – thank you!!! 🙂

  41. Jordan Causey says:

    Can you tell me how many feet you ordered total? I am just trying to figure a total cost if I did a room. Also, did the $400 include the window panels? I think that is stunning.l Those panels would make a very glam accent wall, with an equally rich color showing through!

    • Hey Jordan, thanks for visiting! Your best bet for pricing is to contact Acurio with your ideas & measurements; Acurio actually took my room dimensions & layout and even determined the ‘cuts’ appropriately for the pattern; they were absolutely incredible to deal with. The panels are also paintable – so you can make them anything you want them to be!

  42. I love your curtains on the windows. Did you make them yourself?

  43. Just gorgeous!

  44. I’m so impressed….and you’ve given me a great idea to use in my huge bathroom windows over the jacuzzi.
    Your room and windows are awesome. Love it!!!

  45. Ok, that wainscoting is just about the most unique and beautiful design element I think I’ve ever seen in a home! I think you have now put that bee in my bonnet! haha I’m also really happy to know that you’re in Canada and were able to have these shipped at a reasonable price, since I’m also Canadian and always have the problem of coming across things that I love but that don’t ship outside of the US. It looks SOOO fantastic!!

    • Thanks Steph! I so get that frustration! Happy to meet a fellow Canadian blogger too! xoT.

  46. ok i lied. Another question for today LOL,. I am interested in your privacy answer for Sarah. I saw those and thought they would be great for our ensuite. We have a corner tub and we have horizontal blinds right now. I have to stand in the tub to open and close the one. I thought this would work. And I totally agree with you on the velcro. Have you tried the picture hanging velcro? Its great!

    • They do offer privacy – I suppose if someone were standing right up against the outside of the window they could see through the gaps (which is creepy), but with the array of pattern choices available, you can choose something that suits your specific needs. It also depends how the sunlight hits that particular window, obviously. They add such interest to the space, too – sounds like a good option to consider for your ensuite! xoT.

  47. I love this wainscot. Thanks for sharing it. I also like to change colors and redecorate a lot. What is your plan if you want to change the color underneath the moulding? Is there a semi-easy way to take it off and leave up the moulding above and below so you can repaint?

    • Hi Kelly, you’re most welcome! The wainscot panels and the top moulding are secured using just brad nails, and both would need to be removed to re-paint. I would definitely deem it as “semi-easy”! Thanks for visiting, xoT.

  48. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the idea! One question, what did you do under your windows? Did you have the panels cut to go under the windows? My windows are about 8 or 10″ off the floor, so I would think it would look odd not use the lattice under them as well?????

    Again, the work looks amazing!

    • Hi Rhonda, thank you! Our living room window is a bay window, and we have wall to wall, full length drapery panels, so we didn’t use the wainscot there – ours is also quite low like yours. I’m sure you could have them cut, or cut them yourself if you opted to put them there as well. Thanks for visiting, send me pictures of your completed project! xoT.

  49. I’m in love! What a unique look – thanks for sharing your source!

  50. Luuvv your wainscoting. Quite jealous. Just a tip though on the seating. Trade something out for a little variety, it will make a huge change.

    • Thanks Ann – the upholstered pieces were intentionally all done in the same fabric, because of the ‘variety’ with the nest chair….wouldn’t change a thing right now! xtT

  51. Hi Tracy,
    I just saw your gorgeous wainscoting over at Traci’s @ Beneath My Heart. I love it. Your homes beautiful. I now a new follower on pinterest, facebook, google+ & email. Do you think I’ve got it all covered. LOL!!! I’m looking forward to reading your past post and becoming friends.

    Hugs… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

    • Well it’s a triad of ‘Tracy’, lol! I love that you’re here, well, and everywhere you covered too! How about HomeTalk, are we hanging out together there too? Read away, my new friend! xoT

  52. Help me get started please on the wainscoting…. Can a stairwell be done?

    • Hi Jennifer – I don’t see why not! Everything you need to get started is in the post, as well as full details on installation! Good luck, I’m sure it will look awesome! xoT

  53. Trish Davenport says:

    We have like tastes. I also used the identical Metropolis Circles from Arcurio Latticeworks for my kitchen window.
    I did the walls in the dinette with like lattice. I love mine too.

    • Tha”s great Trish! Marc at Acurio named it ‘Metropolis Circles” after designing it with/for me – I still think it should be called soulstyle design 🙂 Glad you love it too! xoT

  54. Felicia Melville says:

    I am curious, how much dust does this collect? How to you clean all those crevices?

    • LOL Felicia! It’s really really thin, I am a self confessed clean freak, and I have never found any dust ‘build-up’ of any kind…the ones in the windows I suppose you could take down and hose them clean (like you would your window screens), but I never saw a need. xoT.

  55. No more fighting the cats, they get the view and my windows will look lovely. Thank you for the idea and resource!


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