Let’s Love Wood Again….


I think you know by now I’m a fan of painting furniture.  If you’re new here, and maybe you don’t know, check out here & here.  Trust – I’m a fan.  I love DIY, I support anyone being inspired to create their version of beauty in their home.


Ready?  I think wood furniture is beautiful.  Let me clarify: I think beautiful wood furniture is beautiful.  There’s cheaply made, zero value wood furniture that can become completely different and absolutely amazing with paint.  In fact, the only hope for anything 80’s oak is to be painted. But then there’s pieces that are exquisitely worn and patina’d, solidly constructed and finely detailed.

  antique hutch decorpad


I’m not suggesting that it has to be fine or expensive antiques, or even authentically anything to be beautiful.  But there’s so much more than just pallet wood and weathered barn wood that is beautiful.  There are magnificent old pieces that can be found in thrift stores, consignments stores, craigslist, etc. for almost nothing. 

 Vintage Modern Mix


Wood Desk acrylic chair


Most ‘styles’, even contemporary, blend beautifully with vintage/antiques/repro’s.  In fact, I believe that most spaces are better with the inclusion of wood.

  Wood Coffee Table


Rustic Table


A juxtaposition – means “to place two or more things together, especially in order to suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them

  Vanity desk - Frances Herrera Design


Ghost Chair Antique Desk


Incorporating beautiful wood pieces into your home with whatever your predominant style is will create a ‘harmonious tension’ – an appealing discord that is interesting and compelling.  Pair modern lamps or graphic upholstery with your wood piece to tie it to the rest of the space if it’s got a modern vibe…Or use the piece in a different way than it was intended – a dresser in an entry, a desk beside the bed. 

 Modern Dining spacebhg


This marriage of styles creates a unified appearance without feeling stiff – instead, the space looks meaningful and lovingly collected.  The mix is right if it truly feels like an expression of you – quirky or formal, traditional or boho – whatever ‘you’ is.

 Wood Night tables


So, I’m simply suggesting we not forget about the warmth and beauty adds to a space.  There’s a character, a charm, an elegance.  An appeal that transcends any particular ‘style’ – it’s simply grace and sophistication.  Wood adds a texture and a depth, an ambience that is comfortable, inviting, and distinctive.

  Entry Console


Linda Macdougald-wood vanity

Linda McDougald Design

Mix painted pieces with wood pieces – create your spaces with a panache that’s all your own.  Don’t be concerned with the pieces ‘matching’ each other or other woods in the room – just let it be dignified and distinguished in its own way.

 Modern Tradtional Entry

Linda McDouglad Design

Tiny Wood Night stand


So let’s leave some wood as is, shall we?  You don’t need a ‘discerning eye’ to hunt down pieces with character and style that speak to you. Don’t paint something that already has gorgeous style and personality, that tells the story of its history – just because that’s “the thing” right now.  Embrace and love beautiful wood, and enjoy the warmth it adds and the story it tells.


Dining Table

**I’ve linked to photo sources of these beautiful spaces where ever I could locate it; if I’ve neglected to link to a source you identify, please let me know.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. Pat Phipps says:

    I am cautiously shocked.
    Enjoy narure’s natural wood grain. Lovely pics.

  2. Stephanie DeFazio says:

    I am shocked!!! Now you like wood….LOL. I already bought my paint and am painting the bedroom furniture so you better like both. Love you!!!!!

    • DeFazio, your bedroom furniture is a perfect example of ‘wood’ that SHOULD be painted! But yes, and it’s actually not a new thing – I have quite a few wood pieces that I would never even consider painting, for sentimental reasons or because they’re just too lovely the way they are… xo love you back, T

  3. yep, now that I’ve painted virtually every wood surface, I now am embracing the look of wood again! lol Good joke on me!! lol

    Lovely inspiration shots.

    • LOL Anne! I know it’s the ‘trend’, but mixing in some wood pieces ‘au naturel’ looks so beautiful… xoT

  4. Stephanie DeFazio says:

    TRACE, my bedroom furniture is sentimental, i got it as a wedding present in 1997. So I better not paint it.

  5. I’m absolutely in favor of an eclectic mix. I have some lovely (old AND new) pieces of good quality wood furniture that I’d never dream of painting…but I also love the look that painted provides..it’s often less formal. I think that the combination makes a room feel more “collected” and less “decorated”.

    • we’re on the same page (of course), my friend. I do love the look of painted wood….but I feel like we’re losing an appreciation for the inate beauty of wood. Or, maybe I just read too many blogs. 🙂 xoT

  6. Thank you for this thoughtful post. I’ve been having some of the same thoughts when I look through blogs – that, and I’m afraid that our living rooms are going to look identical or at least have the same elements. Antlers -check, zebra something – check, vintage chandelier,check, white slipcovered upholstery – check, subway sign – check, chalkboard something – check. There are some painted pieces I adore, but being able to tell what should, and should not be painted is where the talent is.

    • Thank YOU for appreciating it Patty! I felt like maybe I should take cover after I posted, lol. And I agree with you completely – probably why I shy away from ‘trend’ items completely (for my home and for for clients!). xoT.

  7. Tracy, I completely agree with you! I love painted furniture too but there’s something about a beautiful wood piece that’s so striking. I’ve been looking for months now for just the right wood farm table for the kitchen. Not cheap wood, but something a little worn and farmhouse-looking. One of these days I’ll find it.

  8. I love all of the pictures you shared. My favorite pieces are vintage wooden furniture!!

  9. LOVE this collection of beautiful wood pieces! I am with you. I think painted furniture is beautiful, but there is a place for the real wood as well! It adds a warmth that painted furniture just cannot do! Life to the full, Melissa

  10. And THAT’S the reason I have not painted the mahogany four poster rice bed in my bedroom! I painted two pieces for the bedroom & thought “enough”. I love painted furniture but the warmth of real wood is so beautiful. I still advocate painting every piece of “Mediterranean” furniture produced in the late 70s and 80s! (If you pry off those hideous pieces of fake carving, switch out the chunky hardware and slap some paint on them they CAN look good!)

    • Agreed Suzan! Some are begging for paint and a new lease on life, and others are so beautiful as is! xoT

  11. Have always loved the MIX of wood, painted pieces and glass. It’s rich and I think works in a “transitional” style home. For instance I have a beautiful Zebra wood piece (with leather wrapped doors) in my living room, along with glass stack tables with black wrought iron trim in addition to a wood, wrought iron glass console table. Oddly enought , it all works.
    PS-SERIOUSLY considering painting my ’90’s oak bedroom furniture. Have been looking for some inspiration to do so and I think I’ve found it here! Thanks!

    • I totally believe that all works Anne, and I think beutiful wood can be incorporated in any style, including transitional! Re: the 90’s oak bedroom, DO IT! You’ll love it and wondered why you waited (have a look at our painted bedroom furniture)- I’m glad you were inspired, that’s music to my ears! xoT

  12. I just found you. new follower!
    Love this post… it speaks to me and reminds me I don’t need to follow the paint everything trend..

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