I’d like to Thank the Academy….


I’ve missed you. Client Design projects have me going every direction lately, with all projects “in progress” – meaning no finished rooms to present you, and absolutely no time for DIY’s in this Casa.   But I know our bond is greater than a teeny absence….

Here’s a quick but exciting tidbit from this past week: The Sunshine Award is given from bloggers to bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

My new friend Susan just awarded me with the ‘Sunshine Award’.  This is super exciting (though it does not (so far) come with cake or balloons) because part of this ‘Pay It Forward’ Award is that I now get to link you to 10 of my favorite blogs by giving THEM the award.  Plus, I got to ‘meet’ Susan, who is crafty & creative & an organizing machine, making me feel a little inadequate for not color coding and alphebetizing everything, but that’s okay….…<Susan, please come over, thanks>.  I also apparently have to answer some extremely personal questions about myself. 

So, here’s the game:

First, I’m to thank the person who gave me the award and link back to them. So, Susan, at AchievingCreativeOrder, despite the lack of baked goods, Thank You!

Next, the questions :

1. Favorite color – White. For the record, white is the blending of all colours and is a colour…..The sum of all the colours of light add up to white. White makes me happy.

2. Favorite animal – Probably dogs, but it’s all animals really. I’ve just always had a kinda inexplicable KristenBell/Sloths love of animals.  If you don’t get that reference, click here. Note I do not sob uncontrollably. Mostly.

3. Favorite number – For what?  My jeans & the scale – low is good.  Bank accounts and IQ’s – high is good.

4. Favorite Drink – COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE.  And Diet Coke.  Obviously, I’m a health nut.

5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook.  #Idon’tgetTwitter

6. Good book or good movie – Book. My attention span does not accommodate movies.

7. My passion?  HUGE question.  Happiness. (Most) People. Love. My career. Growth. Shoes.

8. Giving or getting gifts – Giving. Getting. Giving. Getting.

9. Favorite day – Every day.  Totally true.

10. Favorite flower – Outside in my garden, my favorite flower is any that actually grows.  Flowers that I love having indoors are tulips….especially white ones.

11. Random fact about me – I’m an unabashed beauty product junkie.  I probably have 16 lip glosses in my purse.

12. Weirdest quirk – I seriously can’t go to sleep at night without Vaseline on my lips. I also have to brush my teeth at least 4X per day. Those 2 are tied. 

13. Gift bags or Wrapping paper – I strive for wrapping paper and pretty ribbon. Strive, I tell you.

And here’s 10 blogs/bloggers that inspire me & make me laugh, and who I’m passing the Award on to:

Serendipity Refined 
Turnstyle Vogue 
Tidbitsfrom the Tremaynes 
Stellar Junk 
Miss Flibbertigibbet
Red Hen Home 
Bliss Ranch
Shabby Chic Addiction
The Hunted Interior
Twice Lovely

So, rules again for you Newly Awarded Sunshiners?
First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Next, answer the questions about yourself (btw, only 1 thru 10 were actually the real questions, I added the last 3 in for fun…..I also have 11 ‘Awardee’s’, not 10.  Whatev).  Then, choose 10 of your own inspiring bloggers and link their blogs to your post. Be sure to let them know that you are sending them for the award.

I still think dessert and/or balloons should also be sent, but that’s just me.

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If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.


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If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. Great blog, Tracy – loved this writing! Thank you Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this Tracy! Loved your acceptance speech. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!


  3. Thank you again Tracy! Great post!
    Trudy xx

  4. Miss Flibbertigibbet says:

    Goodness! I’m flattered! Now I have to pick only 10 blogs? THAT’s not an easy task! And questions too? I will definitely need more coffee for this………

  5. Thank you so much, Tracy! You are so sweet! I loved reading all the factoids about you. I think you and I definitely have #1 in common. Definitely. My kids call white “boring”. I call it “lovely”.

    • You’re so welcome Mandi! Yes we have #1 in common…also in common is that we’re both a little wacky, which I call “interesting”. Have a great day Clair Dunphy 🙂 xoT.

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