And what I mean by ‘halfway’, is that I have no completed & gorgeous dressers to show you, accompanied by riveting & informative tutorials. No, I do not, but I am halfway done.

So, given the fail on this timeline, I thought we’d just share some time together this week, sorta just hang, look at some pretty, maybe chat about your feelings…….or mine – like how much I hate having no dressers, just piles of clothing….Chaos ensues without dressers.  Unconstrained clothing creates complicated & dire issues.
We can go back to your feelings now.

OR, I can show you is pictures of dressers that other people have completed…..which are beautiful, and unique, and totally creative.  And unlike mine, done.

Glammy & gorgeous, this bit of metallic goodness from Wisteria would also be amazing in an entry.  Little Green Notebook gives you all the info you’ll need to tackle leafing.

I adore how fun this creation from Miss Mustard Seed is – guest room, boys room?
Jolly Good really.

Sydney Barton is awesome – Paisley anyone?

Another from the great Miss Mustard Seed – add script to your drawer fronts
(a song, a poem, something naughty in french).

Here’s a great tutorial on creating the worn Pottery Barn finish.

So 5 lovely dressers, different styles and shapes, all DIY friendly.  And all finished.  Probably even with clothes in them.
Those Misters never have to ask where their underwear is.

And this last one is just because it’s pretty, and it looks very inviting there with no clothes on the floor.


So why, why, why are you only halfway done Tracy?  (Your part)

Me: Halfway done is quite a feat, I’ve been crazy busy with that paying gig, my business.

You (again): WTF (meaning Well That’s Fantastic).

Me: Thank you for your support, it really means a lot.

If you were here, that’s how it’d go down. And we’d hug.

I really have to go paint.

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  1. Kate marshall says:

    I was wondering where you find you dressers i love the curves and shape of the paisley and the silver one….

    • Well Kate, per the post, and lucky for me, all I had to do to find these dressers was search the great www and all these other fabulous bloggers & DIY-ers for inspiration….BUT if you click on the links in my post, it will take you to THEIR posts and maybe they tell you where they found the dressers…OR, I have always had really good luck on Kijiji/Craigs List other second hand sites, or consignment stores like Salvation Army, GoodWill, etc. Thanks for visiting! xoT.