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Waaay back in April I mentioned an upcoming client project – a master bath renovation – and promised ‘Before’ pictures that would blow your 70’s ‘fro off.  So, hold on to your bell bottoms, and just take in all this outta sight retro funk.



The mirrored slider doors are a closet.  Right there in the bathroom.  That space is going to be the home of the new vanity.  See my reflection in the mirror?  I’m standing in the Water Closet, which has a toilet & bidet directly across from a shower stall – completely negating the whole keep-it-private-point of having a WC IMO.



The current vanities (oh yes, there’s a twin to this right across from it) are a tad snug and a bit low on storage.  And as Julie Your Cruise Director, I must ensure you take note of that groovy wallpaper, the fun house created with the wrap around mirrors, and of course, that super-duper countertop.  I’m hoping you noticed the carpet already – so far out.

How about a Before & After from the entrance:



Same vantage point as that first ‘Before’ shot – there was some serious re-arranging in this reno!  The closet area became the large, 2 sink vanity.  Where the old twin vanities were, are now the shower and a floor-to-ceiling built-in matching the vanity.



Now looking from the vanity into the space, there’s the built-in and the new 4’x3’ shower.



We kept the Water Closet in the same space, but positioned the toilet & bidet so they faced each other, which is what created the space for the new shower size.  Adding a pocket door into the WC meant no space was lost for the swing of a door.













The total width of the new WC is approx 36”, more than adequate, and with the almost full height window in there, it’s nice & bright.


Charcoal vanity with quartz countertop


Per usual for me, a custom designed /built vanity, 25” deep and both cabinet & drawer storage.  The deep charcoal strie finish picks up perfectly on the shades in the floor tile.


quartz countertop brushed nickel fixtures


Caesarstone countertops in white ensure that the vanity & built-in are the focal points.  All the hardware is brushed nickel.



pebble mosaic shower floor


The pebble mosaic detail is another special detail used.  On the back of the shower niche, and on the perimeter of the shower floor, it’s a soft, natural finish.  My clients wanted a palette and finishes that felt simple and relaxed, that ‘felt right’ with the overall aesthetic of their house.  Sophisticated, but not glossy & polished.



The custom built-in was designed to feel like furniture; of course it’s affixed to the wall, but the top crown moulding and ‘feet’ allude to a free standing armoire.  At 7’ high, 4’wide, and 15” deep, it’s colossal bathroom storage.



So gimme some skin, Jack…..because there are no more foxy flashbacks going on in this Master Bathroom.  Right On, Right On, Dude, that’s no jive. Ok, I’m stopping.

Click over here  to see the Before & Afters from the Main bath Renovation in this house.  Thanks Karen & Larry for inviting me into your project – I think we made that gorgeous house even more special!


Peace, Man



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  1. Stephanie DeFazio says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!! That is unreal, great job. But would we wouldn’t expect anything less from you

  2. oy, that is one heck of a before, and an even better after! loooove the countertops!

  3. Wow, what beautiful design and finishings! Fantastic job!
    dee dee

  4. I am stunned! What an amazingly groovy transformation! I would take long showers and admire the beautiful bathroom around me and soak in the vibes. 😉

    Fantastic work! I am impressed! 🙂

    • Thanks Julie! I’m hoping that’s exactly what my clients do! Not that I’m thinking about my clients taking long showers, because that’s creepy & weird, but the soaking in the vibes part for sure ! 🙂 xoT.

  5. The finished space is spa-like and the space planning well done. Utilizing the old closet location for the double vanities, reducing the size of the water closet, and adding the shower gives the master bathroom a nice flow. Can I tell you how much I love the furniture-like pieces (vanity and linen), under-mounted sinks, frameless shower glass, and pebble tile? You changed the design aesthetic from groovy to chic.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You will be one of the features tomorrow at Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the party tomorrow. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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