Dining Room Project

First of all, a GINORMOUS  thank you for all the visits, love & comments….the design blog community rocks.  Stephanie (cre8tivedesignsinc) & Kate (CentsationalGirl) – you’re just really pretty darn awesome.

Now then.

When the Mister & I chose this house, one of the selling factors of it was space….generous room sizes, and lots of them.  What we didn’t really consider (until we were moved in) was furnishing them.  This house has a ‘formal’ dining room (built in the 80”s).  We are not ‘formal’ dining room type people, but there it was.

As serendipity would have it, I was called to stage an upscale condo that was furnished in um, let’s call it, “questionable” taste, and required rental furnishings throughout.  The owner didn’t even want to keep most of the furniture on site. 

Enter a dining room suite.

So, lovely shapes and lines to this ‘suite’, the table seats about 8-10 people with all the leaves in, and oh right, it was free.

Obviously it needed some attention before I could begin hosting any grand dinner affairs <ha!>.

I opted for melamine paint, because I wanted to ensure that the top would be super hard-wearing.  Now, of course, that’s no longer an option, but there are some great latex enamel products now that have comparable durability. I gave the whole thing a scuff sanding (mainly because I’m impatient), then primed it.  2 coats of melamine (3 on the table top) and it looked like a whole new set.  Well, in that it wasn’t 80’s oak.

I took the seats right off before I started painting – I chose the fabric before I even began painting – which was really only actual ‘fun’ part of this.  Because it’s a really big set….so it took a really  long time.  I brushed & used a foam roller as opposed to spraying.  I opted not to take the hutch part, just the bottom piece as a buffet.  Plus there’s a little sideboard (you can’t see it here) with a flip top lined in copper for hot food (pretty cool I thought). Plus 8 cane back chairs.  Just so you know, I totally had ‘claw hand’ by the time I was done.  The Mister doesn’t paint, it’s not his thang.

Here’s the dining room now:

LOVE it.

Shiny happy pears – glammy glam centrepiece.

This is the fabric we chose for the seats – so fantastic.  We also gave them all some new foam.

Here’s the buffet, minus the hutch portion.  Black nickel knobs – simple, and a nice punctuation on the soft white.
You can see the little sideboard/server in my post about the window panels here.

I was a bit concerned starting out that with soft white paint it might feel a bit, EEK, country-ish. But it needed to be light because I was certain the walls were going to be CC-542 Willow. It’s very dark, and I love it. So that color led to the fabric, which led to the furniture color. The room gets a lot of natural light, plus I figured it would be used mainly at night, so I thought a dark color was perfect….Mister doubted the perfect. But he loved it once it was done.

All told, it was about $150 for this re-do – paint, primer, fabric. The cost wasn’t the big deal, it was the ambitious-ness of the project. Priming and painting f.o.r. d.a.y.s.

THIS is the only unfinished project in the room.  

But it has a plan, that humble frame – it’s destined for great things.  Maybe by next week’s post.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, contact me to help you create the extraordinary.
Fall in love with your home again.


If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Wow!!!! Lots of work but I love this!!! Great job!

  2. Tracy, you did an amazing transformation. I love the color combination along with the shiny pears 🙂

  3. Thanks Vicky & Melissa!

  4. Tracy, You did a fabulous job on your dining room. Do you mind me asking what your window treatments are? They look like carved wood.

    • Hi Cheryl – Thank you! have a look at the ‘Living Room wainscot’ post on my blog, it has ALL the details! Tracy

    • I found the info in a previous post. These are gorgeous and may be a perfect solution for my glass front door.

  5. LOVE OVE LOVE the white against the willow walls! EXCELLENT transformation! You really did a beautiful job! Love the print fabric and the silver pears add shine too!

    xo Lynda

  6. Ooooooh! I love the transformation. The deep wall color with the pop of white furniture. Love Love Love. I am also crazy about the fabric. Modern, yet classic. Your taste is phenomenal. Great job!



  8. Lavinia Hudson says:

    great blog!

  9. Great job. I love dark colors too!


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