Come on In, Let me show you around….


 Hey Hey Crazy Cats – guess what?

I have nary a DIY project nor a Home Staging adventure to share with you this week.

First, the new globes aren’t here yet, and if the USPS ever gets them here,  they’ll be hung in the most fabulously fabulous way and I can’t wait to show you.

Second, bathroom reno#1 is done Friday, so I’ll show you that awesomeness next week;

AND, 2 MORE bathroom reno’s just booked!
These ones are totally original to the mid-70’s house – complete with brown sinks,
gold faucets, foil wallpaper and 
bow-chick-a-wa-wa’ piping in softly playing through the intercom.


BUT, you might notice things are a little different around here, right?
Kristi Linauer (who you may know from Addicted2Decorating) has been making some changes and bringing my vision of the ‘Musings’ to life.  So not only is she one of the most kick-ass Design/Decorating Bloggers out there, but she’s incredibly talented with WP and writing code and all the things that make me want to nap.

So let me take you on a little tour, and show you around !

Over on the right there in the sidebar, you can ‘read more about who I am’….you’ll learn some completely useless but amusing facts about me, and meet some of my little tribe.

Below that, learn about the ‘soulstyle philosophy’I’m a professional Interior Decorator & Home Stager, and I deeply believe in the impact of our surroundings on our soul.  It’s even the logic behind how I chose the name of my company.  With choices that reflect our spirit, we can be uplifted in our homes.

A bit further down the sidebar, there’s thumbnails linking you to Recent Posts, as well as some of the DIY Projects that will hopefully inspire you.

The menu bar across the top has a couple new tabs too!  If you click on ‘Blog Home’, the most recent posts are all there in truncated versions all on 1 page so that you can easily browse through them.

You’ll also see rotating pictures from my Featured Posts on the sidebar – these are the posts that are some of MY favorites, and based on their traffic and Pins, they’re some of yours too!  And on that topic, if you want to use any of my photos or project tutorials, please read the ‘usage info’ on the sidebar first!

Ok, last but not least – the tab at the top called ‘Portfolio’ – one day when this tab grows up, it will have lots and lots of photos of my Interior Decorating & Home Staging projects. Stay tuned.



Did you know it’s National Painting Week?  In honor of the blessed occasion, Sherwin Williams is having a HUGE sale this weekend.  Sherwin Williams has always been (hands down) my favorite paint to work with, and I highly recommend it.
(btw, I’m being paid nothing to say that.  Though I totally should be.  Sherwin?  Call me).
And if you’re thinking, “oh, we’re painting this summer, but I don’t know what colors yet” – well, fear not.

Step one – go buy the paint you need, untinted.  YES, you can take the can back to the store later and have it tinted!
Step two – hire a professional to take the guess work out of choosing your colors.


Wow, for someone who had nothing to tell you I sure can talk a lot.
So that’s the tour of the ‘new’ place – I hope you like the changes, and will share the link with all your friends.
Especially the ones with sad & undecorated houses….because that’s just being a good friend.


If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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