And what I mean by ‘halfway’, is that I have no completed & gorgeous dressers to show you, accompanied by riveting & informative tutorials. No, I do not, but I am halfway done. So, given the fail on this timeline, I thought we’d just share some time together this week, sorta just hang, look at some pretty, maybe chat about your … [Read more...]

Why yes, That is crazy

  Here's how this particular episode of crazy began.....recall my post about our “New-ish” Night stands necessitating “New-ish” dressers? Leading to round the clock surveillance of Kijiji to find the perfect pieces? Well, we brought the new dressers home Tuesday – it is possible that they are the heaviest dressers ever made in the … [Read more...]

New (ish) Night Stands

We needed night stands. With a king size bed, the night stands needed some heft, some size, some scale.  Not being a fan of the ‘matchy’ bedroom sets, the world was our oyster in selecting bed side tables...it only took about 3-4 weeks of obsessive Kijiji & CraigsList stalking to find these beauties: Finding 2 tables/stands that were at … [Read more...]

Goodbye Christmas…..

F**king glitter & pine needles EV-ERY-WHERE. We un-decorated yesterday.  Not that we had a choice really, because the entire mantle display decided it could offer nothing further and slid to the floor in despair.  THAT was fun.  And then the vacuum died. Of course.  Though if I was the vacuum I would’ve taken a look at all that and committed … [Read more...]

Sharing my Christmas Stories….

  Only 3 more sleeps! Have I mentioned that I am a complete 5 year old at Christmas? I still wake up by 5 am Christmas morning (sometimes earlier, but I do wait till at least 5 to actually get anyone up). I think this comes from having the most enchanting & magical Christmases when I actually was 5 years old, and throughout … [Read more...]

….And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas….

Even though I do this for a living, I think it’s easy to become overwhelmed with design ideas on how to Holiday Up your house....I follow so many amazing blogs with such talented & creative decorators/DIY-ers, the inspiration is endless. Between my blog pals and Pinterest, it could be noon before I’m even dressed. Don't ever tell anyone … [Read more...]

Cape Cod Stylin’

[facebooksimplelike] Last week I mentioned my special client who wanted to create Cape Cod spaces in her home.  The 2 ‘spare’ bedrooms (not the Master) were to be transformed into a cottage bedroom and a TV room/lounge space. My client Laurie spent most of her childhood summers in Cape Cod, at 445 Turnip Field Rd....for her, to have rooms that … [Read more...]


[facebooksimplelike] I don’t know WHY I DIY the projects I do.  I realize that sounds a little “Seussical”, but here’s what I mean. I know I could find lamps for my living room at any number of retail sources, but when this pair of fantastically ugly ones entered my world, I knew they were the ones.  It was as though we were meant to be … [Read more...]

Staging – SUCH a bother….Really?

Home Staging is helping people prep their homes for sale. Basically, Home Staging is like the decorating version of Beat The Clock. Though with Staging, we’re decorating for buyers, not owners. 99% of clients I see have a super pumped, bring it on, ready to do whatever it takes, let’s get this puppy sold type attitude. I love this. And I … [Read more...]

Welcome to my Musings..

I’m Tracy Black, owner of soulstyle.   I’m absolutely passionate about colour, design and decorating. I am inspired by learning about my clients, their lifestyles, and their cherished treasures so that I can help them create living spaces that truly belong to them and reflect their spirit back to them.  I wholeheartedly believe that our living … [Read more...]