Home is A (Well Decorated) Feeling….

I received an email with the subject line  “Need help”. The email read “I recently bought my home (2011) and did an extensive kitchen, living room, bathroom renovation. I am now looking for design help for furniture selection, theme and overall look and feel.” What my client meant by “Need help” was simply hiring someone to create that overall … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays & Some Personal Musings….

I’m writing this post curled up on my sofa with my dog, in my jammies, in front of my perfectly lovely, absolutely imperfect & non-blog worthy, sparkly Christmas tree.  It’s one of those peaceful, soft moments. It feels almost weird to be writing - I haven’t been here in so long - but for (at least) the last 5 months I’ve been … [Read more...]

soulstyle, Oprah, aha moments

I’ve been totally MIA here for a few weeks – I’ve missed you!  I hope you check to see signs of life from me on FB and Pinterest.  And even Twitter now!  (but #ihatetwitter, keep that in mind).  With several design projects in varying states of progress, staging projects and well, the whole ‘life’ thing, it’s been a bit crazy!  There are so many … [Read more...]

Let’s Love Wood Again….

  I think you know by now I’m a fan of painting furniture.  If you’re new here, and maybe you don’t know, check out here & here.  Trust - I’m a fan.  I love DIY, I support anyone being inspired to create their version of beauty in their home. BUT Ready?  I think wood furniture is beautiful.  Let me clarify: I think beautiful wood … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day

  Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.  The day we celebrate the One we Love.  I think that’s what we’re doing, is that even right?  In any case, we’re celebrating Love. In elementary school, I loved the cute/cheesy valentines cards that were exchanged...well, until it became a competition about who-got-more-Valentines-and-from-whom-and-what-did … [Read more...]

In The BlogLight with HomeTalk

  In case you aren’t completely addicted already, let me hook.you.up - Hometalk is an online community to share home-related projects, ask home-related questions, and be inspired by amazingly talented DIY-ers, bloggers, and professionals.  Each week, one blogger is chosen to be In The Bloglight!  So, here I am – um, super-YAY! Miriam … [Read more...]

Year in Review 2012

There’s such a mix of emotions at the brink of a New Year, isn't there?  Excitement and anticipation about what the new year will hold, and a bit reflective and thoughtful about what the past year held. As I look through the Musings posts for 2012, not only is my exhaustion validated, but there’s a ton o’ satisfaction in the projects … [Read more...]

Secret Santa & my Warm Fuzzy Christmas Thoughts

  We are inundated with updates and information on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary – the sadness and loss is incomprehensible.  There are no words that are adequate, no comfort that could be enough.  My heart and my prayers are with those families.     My girl Julie, at redheadcandecorate, coordinated a Secret Santa … [Read more...]

My Christmas Home

  [facebooksimplelike] Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  YOU are the very best kind of Christmas visitor – I can only offer you virtual drinks and snacks (requiring minimal effort), AND I can host you while in my fuzzy pj pants, ghastly hair and no makeup. I'm not even kidding, it's Perfect.  Blog Hosting is the shizz. The Christmas … [Read more...]

Socks for Sandy – HomeTalk Bloggers

  Hey Friends!  If you're an avid blog reader, you may see this post in a few places....Hometalk Bloggers is a really wonderful group of Bloggers that I'm so glad to be a part of. This is just a simple, straight-forward gesture of kindness initiated by one of my friends in the group. If you or anyone you know or love has been impacted by … [Read more...]