Staging vs. Decorating…Buyer Psychology?

  Yes, of course the very basics of Home Staging are declutter and depersonalize.  You really should clean the house too – again, basics (I hope).  But it’s necessary to understand the difference between decorating and staging....and if you aren’t clear on these differences, you might not sell your house as quickly as you like. An … [Read more...]

Elevating the Ordinary

[facebooksimplelike] Do you have a china cabinet full of items that almost never actually get used? A cupboard with crystal from your wedding that’s maybe pulled out at Christmas dinner? These are my favorite places to raid in homes I’m helping prepare to sell. Using these pieces in an unexpected place or way is Elevating the … [Read more...]

My “Must-Haves”.

  As a professional Interior Decorator, Home Stager, avid DIY-er, and a compulsive somewhat serial Re-Decorator, there are certain tools that are absolutely crucial in my world.  I thought I'd share some of these with you, so that maybe you can add to your tool belt, or even learn a trick or two to make your life easier. Home Staging is the … [Read more...]

Vacant Home Staging

 In a recent Staging project, I worked with Homeowners’ who faced some unfortunate circumstances; this house had been an investment rental property for them, and their renters left substantial damage in the house. UGH, right?  They would have faced certain loss trying to sell the house in the condition it was in.  They decided … [Read more...]

Home Staging Elephants

Sometimes as a Home Stager, I’m there to tell Sellers the ‘bad’ news about what buyers might think/see when viewing their home.  It’s far better to address the "elephant in the room"  before the photos are taken, and make sure that your home is 100% “showing ready”. It’s so important that Sellers understand that I'm there to help them sell their … [Read more...]

Staging – SUCH a bother….Really?

Home Staging is helping people prep their homes for sale. Basically, Home Staging is like the decorating version of Beat The Clock. Though with Staging, we’re decorating for buyers, not owners. 99% of clients I see have a super pumped, bring it on, ready to do whatever it takes, let’s get this puppy sold type attitude. I love this. And I love … [Read more...]