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I’m completely hooked….it’s like having bookmarks all over the Internet.  I’m always inspired there, and I love the quick exposure to peoples pure brilliance.  You know, the things that make you wish you’d thought of that.  The things that are so simple, yet so very clever – and that somehow make your life So. Much. Better.

Like this:


Did you know this trick?  I did not, and the Mister did not either.  S-M-R-T.


You know how no matter what you do, under the bathroom or kitchen sink can get, well, gross?  It’s usually just melamine boards there, so they stain and warp.  Or, maybe they’ve been damaged from the sheer weight and quantity of hair products – well, that might just be me… Anyhow, peel & stick tile. Fantastic. Plus, look how much fun she’s having doing it.



Space is always at such a premium under the kitchen sink – I’m loving this idea of hanging the spray bottles on a tension rod.  And with the bottom newly covered with Peel & Stick tile, it’s now easy to clean and you don’t have to move 1000 things first.



This Bekvam Spice Rack from IKEA is $6.99 – it’s 16.5″ long, and 4″deep – it can be painted for added cute-ness, and then used as wall mounted bookshelves as above.  Or what about inside a utility closet, on the door – for all the annoying small items that always fall everywhere.  Inside the pantry for spices?  Or again, under a sink.  Bathroom or Kitchen, you choose.


Another IKEA re-purpose.  This fellow blogger Tara used Command adhesive strips to attach this magazine file to the vanity door, so no tools required.  Outstanding idea for storing all the girly hair tools.  Or manly hair tools – there’s no shame here.

 You’ll love this if you’re a crafter.


Halsey at SpunkyJunk is the man (figuratively speaking, because she’s a she).  


Vacuum - Find Lost Objects


And how about this nifty little trick?  Though fun can be had crawling around on the floor searching for things, think of the time you’ll save doing it this way instead.  Time you can spend being productive.  Like reading design blogs 🙂


I love this one – first, because it’s brilliant; second, because it uses vertical instead of horizontal space.  Okay, and probably third because I love costume jewellery.  Jewellery storage – using cutlery trays! 




Now if you’re the type of person who uses things in their kitchen on a regular basis, this could alleviate daily frustration.  Position tension rods inside your cabinets to act as dividers for trays, baking tins, platters, etc.



Winter boot trays get so disgusting, adding rocks to the tray means all that disgusting is still there, just hidden!  Love that.  These last 2 tips are courtesy of Martha Stewart….Martha’s the bomb, isn’t she.  So damn organized.

So there ya go – you can thank me later for all the time & convenience I’ve just provided you. 

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. Dawn Clarke says:

    You’re right Tracy – very inspiring!! SO many great ideas…may just try a few of these myself!

  2. Awesome picks! I love using pinterest, cause there’s always new things to inspire me or things I never would have ever thought of… Like the tension rods! So simple, but DUH! Am I smart enough to think of it? No.

    Much Love,

    • HA! I love other Pin addicts – and I’m not either Trissta, so it totally justifies the addiction (in my mind:)). luvin’ ya back, Tracy

  3. MelissaJane says:

    I just pinned your amazing wainscoting, so there you go – now YOU’RE the inspirational genius!

  4. S-M-R-T….ha-ha…homer simpson? i have seen a lot of these things on pinterest…..that is what i love so much about the internet….all of the great ideas at my fingertips. i love the ones that you featured here.

    the stripped screw and the rubber band? pure genius!!!

    hugs, cindy

  5. OH MY GOD these are all such brilliant ideas I want to punch myself for not thinking of them on my own. And I am like, super ocd organizer so I needed this post in my life. Like the cutlery organizer idea?? SO SMRT. Thank you for this!!!

  6. I found you through Remodelholic. I love your specially designed wainscoting you had done and that you put it in your windows too. I think I re-pinned about half of these pins. Have a great week. Katharine

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