My lovely client has 2 bathrooms that are so, so tired.
They’ve worked so hard for many, many years, asking so little in return….they’ve been there for kids growing from toddler to teen… it’s where family dogs were bathed…..dramas took place, there was laughter & tears (ok, you get the point).
These 2 bathrooms gave to this family with all their might.
And now it’s Their Time.
Their Time to shine again & be beautiful bath spaces.

Here’s where we’re starting:

bath #1
bath #2

Definitely Their Time.


Cynthia (my client) & I collaborated to create design plans for both spaces that are elegant & timeless.  They will definitely become more functional, without sacrificing the aesthetic she desires.

In assisting a client with re-design plans, the best place (for me) to start is an ‘Inspiration File’.  I’ll source 10 or 15 photos of (in this case) bathrooms, each with different qualities, design elements, use of color, etc.  For example, different vanity designs, varied tile patterns on floors & walls, light vs. dark, etc.  Going through the finer points of these photos with the client allows me to zero in on their needs and personal tastes.

The next consideration is the budget.  As a client, it’s imperative to set a realistic & comfortable budget for your project, and communicate that with your designer/decorator.  This gives me direction in helping you choose fixtures & finishes that are within your budget and your design style.

Now we can space plan – will the footprint of the bathroom change (usually adding to the cost), or is it remaining the same?
What can be changed to add functionality, space, or visual appeal?
I always check headers – did you know that so often they are completely redundant?  Removing the headers in bathrooms creates visual space that makes a world of difference.

In this EnSuite bath, the header is in the shower enclosure….but it will soon be a bad memory like the 80’s it came from.


The bathrooms are very different in layout, but will have the same finish details (tiles, vanity, countertops).

This is the chosen tile scheme.  An oversize (8×16) matte white subway tile will be used for the tub surround & shower enclosure.  The stunning greige & white glass Finger Mosaic tile will accent it.  Using an amazing accent tile that you fall in love with in small doses is a budget conscious way to get what you want & spend what you have.

The floor tile is a 12”x24” porcelain tile, slightly textured, with a very subtle strie pattern with soft grays, white, greige, and a bit of the palest blue.   Give careful consideration to the pattern in your floor tile – what’s lovely on one tile can become very busy once there’s 50!


The fixtures are simple & elegant.
The vanities will be custom – a route that is more affordable than you may think.  This allows you to specify height, depth & finish, as well as door profiles, cabinet hardware, and interior functionality (shelves, slides, etc).
Contact a cabinet maker and discuss available options & pricing.

Caeserstone in Lagos Blue will top the white satin vanity, picking up on the colors in the floor tile.  The cabinet hardware curves echo the lines of the faucet.



The lighting plan includes mirror mounted sconces in the EnSuite, paired with a lantern style hanging fixture in the tub niche.
The same fixture in a 4 light strip will be in the Main Bath.



Pretty great plan.

I’m super excited about the project, and the lovely Cynthia can hardly wait for the changes.
Especially since this is where we are right now:

I love what I do.

In the off (& completely crazy) chance we aren’t connected on FB and maybe you don’t know that, I sincerely do. I am completely passionate about design & decorating, but more than that, I love working with clients who are so excited again about their home, and creating spaces with and for them that they will love for years to come.
THAT’s awesome.

Pulling plans together & designing spaces in my home office with the
very-best-Design-Assistant-ever is also pretty fabulous.
She sits right under my desk and makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself.

Stay tuned for the reveal on these bathrooms!

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Dawn Clarke says:

    Can not wait for the big reveal – will be gorgeous, I’m sure! And you have the prettiest little Design Assistant ever….


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