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I recently had a very special client with a vision for re-designing 2 bedrooms in her home; one was to be an actual bedroom, the other a TV room/lounge area.   Her wish was to create spaces that felt sort of ‘cottage-y’ –  pretty & fresh, with a Cape Cod vibe.  She holds very special memories of summers there as a child, and wanted to re-create that aesthetic in her home. 

After the project of the rooms was underway (yep, they will be ‘Mused’ upon, stay tuned), she decided that the Main bathroom down the hall from these rooms needed some love too to ‘fit’ with the new look. 

This home is almost brand spankin’ new, it certainly wasn’t going to undergo any renovations or major changes to make this happen, it just needed a new attitude.

Here’s how it looked when we started (sorry for the terrible pics, you get the idea)…

Clearly, in order to achieve that beachy, coastal vibe, we needed to lighten things up.
The wall color was changed to Para Riviere Simon 2729-04 – a barely there gray blue.

Instead of using a standard shower curtain, I had window panels hemmed instead.  This is such a simple way to add huge style to a bathroom – hang the tension rod as high as possible, and have the panels hemmed to sit just above the floor.  Another tension rod right behind the first holds your curtain liner (I prefer fabric liners, they’re prettier, and machine washable).  For this particular installation, the panels were chosen for their casual breezy feel – white cotton tie top panels.   The same panel was repeated on the window.

Bathroom Shower Curtains DIY

So all that soft pretty wall color and fabric definitely had us on the way to Cape Cod ambience.
Accessories and other va-voom was all we needed to finish the trip.

I was inspired by Patti’s Beach Memory Jar at Crafting Life;  I put this photo vase together for the countertop.
The picture used is of my clients’ childhood cottage, so lots of special going on there for her.

The area over the toilet was really the only space to add some more decor, and artwork wasn’t going to cut it….so, crates it was.  The Mister & I built these using 1”x5” cedar boards.  Using the overall measurement of the space, we created 3 crates that would completely fill this area. 

Construction of the crates was intentionally pretty basic – butt joints, rough edges left on the cuts, etc.  I didn’t sand the boards either; all these things contributing to the feel of authentic old crates that had been used & worn over time.

Next I gave them a couple coats of lightly applied white wash.
The lowdown on these was about $35 in wood, and about 3 hours to construct and paint.

And here they are in place – with an assortment of simple accessories to complete the charm….dried beach dahlias in tiny bubble vases, mason jars filled with candles & bath salts, some driftwood, and a few starfish & shells.
Pretty super-fantastic, right?

And finally, here’s the whole room…TAH-DAH.


Most importantly, my client loves it….but IMHO it turned out crazy amazing.
It feels fresh, casual, and beachy without any predictable beachy kitsch in sight.  A colossal transformation with non-colossal changes or expense.  You could totally do this.  And pretend you’re in Cape Cod every day.  Ok well, I would if it were mine.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, contact me to help you create the extraordinary.
Fall in love with your home again.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Love it. I remember you told me about that lady. Great job you did with the shells and picture.

  2. Hydrangeas and Harmony says:

    I looked and looked for a beachy type over the commode shelf and couldn’t find anything that was just right. Right now we’ve been using a wicker shelf that I picked up at Goodwill but I think a crate like you created would be even better. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It does look crazy amazing!! I go to the cape often, and this does have that Cape Cod vibe. Love the wall color and the shower curtains that you then repeated at the window.

  4. The bathroom turned out great. Very beachy feel, and love the crates.

  5. Jean @ Flower Hill says:

    It looks great! Love the beachy feel and those shelves are great! I’d love your feedback on some of my projects! And I have a giftcard giveaway going on now that you should definitely enter!


  6. You are awesome so I featured you at my Hookin Up with HoH Party!

    Feel free to stop by for a button if you’d like. 🙂


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  7. Wow! Great makeover- will you come do my bathroom?

  8. Love the ideas of using crates! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Under the table and Dreaming!

  9. I love the crate shelves. I would love to make some for my bathroom, it has the same lay out as yours. It looks like you used 3 different widths of boards, if so what are they and what are the dimensions of the crates? Thanks

    • Hi Wanda – we used 1″x5″ boards, which we ripped in half for the sides, top & bottom. You can customize these to be any size suitable for your space; I don’t recall the exact measurements of these ones, but typically there’s about 36″ of space above a toilet, so these were probably about 15″ wide; I chose to do 3 so the space was filled vertically and horizontally. I hope that helps, good luck with your project! xoT.

      • Thanks, knowing that you ripped the 5″ boards is what I needed. Hope mine look as good as yours.

  10. Liz Brumley says:

    How did you attach the crates to the wall? I bought crates & have painted them but not exactly sure how they’re getting on the wall!

    • Hi Liz! I screwed them right to the wall, find studs where you can and use anchors otherwise.I just tried to screw them in in the least noticable spots, like bottom corners. Once you have your accessories placed, you don’t see them. xoT

  11. Clarisse Céspedes says:

    I love the use of these crates as shelves. Very nice!


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