….And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas….

Even though I do this for a living, I think it’s easy to become overwhelmed with design ideas on how to Holiday Up your house….I follow so many amazing blogs with such talented & creative decorators/DIY-ers, the inspiration is endless. Between my blog pals and Pinterest, it could be noon before I’m even dressed. Don’t ever tell anyone that.

At my house, I did want to change it up a bit this year, (you can see all the things I was inspired by here), but I wanted to use what I had, and not spend a fortune on new pretty. 

 Here’s some of the merry going on around here:    


The staircase done with ribbons, tulle, a few adorable mini wreaths all painted and sparkly, and balls.  I mean, ornaments.  It really never gets old for me. 

Mantle – Freshly cut boughs all decorated; I opted for candlesticks this year, instead of winding lights through.
  The ‘JOY’ is just wooden letters wrapped in tin foil (shiny side down), and lightly blotted with black craft paint.

I used double sided mounting tape for the letters and the snowflakes on the mirror.  Quite a bit of mounting tape is necessary….the next day it said “OY”, which doesn’t have the same sentiment.

Dining room table – I glued 3 10” mirror rounds from the dollar store to a 1×4, with small round bubble vases in between.  I wrapped white feather boas around the wood base, and added candles, boughs, and some sparkle.  Can you see the clear glittery snowflakes on each candle?

Coffee table – A thrift store cake stand with boughs & candles.  Of course, all the boughs used everywhere are flocked….which you can’t see in the pics, so there’s a trust element here.  Just flock your boughs.

A bit more decking of the halls was bows & ornaments on door frames, and ornaments and glittery snowflakes hung from ribbons in the windows (just tie the ribbon to the curtain rod).   I love how it all turned out – I love that most of it was simple and either used what I had, or came from the dollar store (really!), and the Mister & I had fun putting it all together.  I was feeling so festive, so joyous, all ‘tis the season-ish.   And then right in the middle of all that happy, anticipating all the pretty that would be….GAH!

This is our kitchen ceiling….well, lack of kitchen ceiling.  A leak from the upstairs shower caused a rainstorm in the kitchen.
S.O. Excellent.  But between working, shopping, visiting, wrapping, and all the general celebrating, this particular huge gaping hole imperfection is NOT going to get dealt with right away.  And that’s what got me thinking about creating some holiday spirit in your home, and what it really means…..it isn’t about perfect, or perfectly styled …it’s about embracing the moments, laughing, and creating memories.

As busy & crazy as this season can become, make an effort to slow down & enjoy the moments….the ones that matter. We’ll have our family & friends over during the holidays, and we will enjoy the time we have with them immeasurably – and the house won’t look ‘perfect’, and that’s totally OKAY.  

 We will always remember the Christmas without a kitchen ceiling.  I say we put garland around that hole;  Mister thinks that’s overkill.  Whatev. 

As the Grinch surmised, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…..Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!”  Maybe it’s even more than just drinking & overeating too, though those truly are plusses to the season.
So enjoy what’s perfect, and laugh about what isn’t.
Let your heart be light.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.

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  1. Jean @ Flower Hill says:

    Lovely decorations! Love the silver and white!

  2. I’m loving all your white and silver. Makes it look like a Winter Wonderland!

    SO sorry about your leak and kitchen ceiling. I hate when stuff like that happens!

  3. Your black bannister is just gorgeous. And I love your white stockings with silver accents, so gorgeous! So sorry about the kitchen ceiling, but like you said… it will be a funny memory to think about down the road! : )

  4. Simple and elegant holiday decor!

  5. Dear oh dear for that leak…but the festive cheer is all around your home with gorgeous decor!

  6. What colour did you paint your pickets on your stairs? And did you paint them with a brush in place or did you remove them and spray them?

    • Hi Susan – the stair spindles were all removed, primed, and brush painted (2 coats). VERY tedious process, but completely worth it. We chose Sherwin Williams “White Heron” (7627), which worked really well with the dark walnut stained stair treads. xoT.

  7. I love all of that white and the sparklies! The contrast against the dark bannister is just breathtaking. Visiting from Home for the Holidays linky party. And to think I was feeling bad about the ginormous swatches of paint on my dining room walls as I try to decide on a color! You have me beat with your hole in the ceiling, Tracy!
    🙂 Sue

    • Sometimes you just have to go with it Sue! Thank you for visiting, come back and check out this years decor later this week! xoT.


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