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One of the things I address so frequently when I’m assisting Home Owners to ready their home to sell is LIGHTING.  Part of the ‘art’ of Home Staging is knowing how & where to make high impact changes and improvements affordably and relatively easily.

Lighting impacts every aspect of a space – let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how beautifully decorated a space is if it’s lit like a bad storage unit.

So first off, if any of your fixtures are the Builder Grade lighting that is so lacking in every possible way, like these for example….

Then you my Friend, have some lighting issues to address.  There’s just no reason with all the Pretty available to you, that you should suffer with this type of lighting affliction.
Go, post haste.

Next, coloured glass fixtures, especially amber glass.  But why, you ask? 

The problem here is that amber glass casts amber light….meaning everything is awash in, well, yellow….usually creating a fairly dingy atmosphere.  It will affect the way your wall color reads, so what you chose on the paint chip will not look the same in that light. 


In short, this glass does not play well with others.  It is unable to compliment anything in the room, and it is over bearing & snarky.

Attractive lighting for every room & transition areas is available at just about every price point.  Watch for discontinued & sale items at the Big Box stores, and always keep your eyes open at thrift & consignment stores.
Spray paint will cure a whole lotta fugly, remember that.

This small chandelier was scored at a thrift store for $7.99.
Now granted, she had lost all her sparkle (as in, she had no prisms), her zest for life had clearly waned, and she was a bit beat up.  But she had a gorgeous crystal knob at the bottom, and a nice shape. 

I’ve found it’s easiest to hang a fixture about chest level so that you can reach top, bottom, and all sides with your spray paint.  Make sure you cover the sockets with painters tape.  About 3 light coats of silver spray paint and she was almost restored to splendour.

Prisms?  Expensive. I found “crystal” Christmas Ornaments/Garland that I simply took apart and pieced onto the hooks.
So, about $8.00.

This Beauty is destined for the vanity area of the Master Bedroom.  

Here’s another example of a cool, vintage-y fixture, this one is in the Spare Bedroom.

We (meaning the Mister, while I watched) recently took out the ceiling fan in the Family Room in favour of a new chandelier.  A gorgeously simple black crystal chandelier…..that cooed to me from across the store.  Seriously, that happened.

Who doesn’t value form over function, really. I say once summer hits us with 90 degree temps and uber-humidity it will be fine being sweaty because it’s pretty.  I’m actually only mostly that shallow, the real reason is that in our 25 yr old house with 8’ ceilings, this room was just too small for a big ceiling fan – visually it just ate up the space.

If you’re a even a bit of a HandyAndy (or HandyAndrea, or HandyBeth, you go ahead and choose), check out the 3 DIY light fixtures that Britt at Gus&Lula created.  She’s written great tutorials to follow, and they all turned out seriously amazing!



source / source / source

And just a few last (but very important) notes about lighting:

If you’re placing a chandelier or pendant light above a table, the light should sit about
29-33 inches above the table.
Please don’t make your dining room look like the odd guy with the too short tie.

Dimmers – they’re cheap, easy to install, and should be in pretty much every room. Even the bathroom – keeps things less, um, let’s say realistic in the mirror in the morning….Ignorance is indeed bliss.

There are many tutorials online to walk you step by step through changing a light fixture; always turn off the power, wear protective eyewear, & possibly a Kevlar vest.
Safety First, People.
If you are not confident tackling this on your own, hire a licensed electrician.

Look around and see if you need to make some lighting changes in your spaces; whether it’s just the bulbs, or the whole fixture.
Life is too short to be badly lit.  And now, you have no excuses.

If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, contact me to help you create the extraordinary.  Fall in love with your home again.

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If you’re planning to re-decorate, re-design, or renovate, I can help you create the extraordinary. Fall in love with your home again.
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  1. This post was very timely for me! We’re in the middle of a battle about a light for our bathroom reno…I love school house, he hates it. He loves builder basic, I LOATHE IT WITH A FIERY PASSION!

  2. Great post! I, too, am a despiser of bad lighting and am in the midst of changing lighting room by room.

  3. Hello, I’m popping over from Vintage Revivals where someone listed you as their favorite blog. I enjoyed my visit. So true that lighting is so important AND something I really need to work on in my own home. Nice to “meet” you!

    Warmly, Michelle


  1. […] favorite quotes framed in shadowboxes (btw, spray painted Ikea RIBBA frames) make it personal.  My thrift store chandelier, new faceted glass on the wall sconces & the newly covered stool complete the […]

  2. […] favorite quotes framed in shadowboxes (btw, spray painted Ikea RIBBA frames) make it personal.  My thrift store chandelier, new faceted glass on the wall sconces & the newly covered stool complete the […]

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